The Biggest Kickstarter Projects of all time

Among the many dope things about the internet (hilarious dog pictures, fantasy football, gifs, food delivery) facilitating the ability to literally put your money where your mouth is via crowdfunding is right up there. The OG of the game, Kickstarter, has helped a lot of genius entrepreneurs and scrappy companies bring their ideas to reality and raise crazy sums of money, all by connecting with potential fans. While just a good idea and a kickstarter page won’t guarantee success, the site has enabled many impressive fundraising attempts to redefine e-commerce. Let's check out some of the biggest.

10. Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot, funded in December 2015
Now a cult favorite after its ten-year run on tv from 1989 to 1999,, Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a television show about a janitor who was launched into space by two scientists, and he spends his time watching bad movies with two robots he builds. (It was the eighties and people were really into shit like that.). The campaign’s initial goal was to raise enough to film just three episodes, but it was able to more than double that amount last December, then, this July, Netflix announced that it would air the 14-episode reboot sometime in the future.
Backers: 48, 270
Goal: $2,000,000
Raised: $5,764,229

9. PonoMusic, funded in April 2014
In the notoriously old-school music industry, this digital music player campaigned as a device that could play high-resolution audio that improved upon the compressed sound of traditional MP3s. It was funded very quickly in 2014 to the tune of an astounding $6+ million, and the PonoPlayer launched in 2015. The jury is still out on whether it actually works as promised because reviews have been mixed.
Backers: 18,220
Goal: $800,00
Raised: $6,225,354

8. Shenmue 3, funded in July 2015
Proving that there are few more powerful groups than die-hard nerds, the third installment of the Shenmue video game series was funded last year, fourteen years after the second one was released. Currently in development, the game follows Ryo Hazuki as he goes on a revenge quest to find the man who killed his father.
Backers: 69,320
Goal: $2,000,000
Raised: $6,333,295

7. Ouya, funded in August 2012
Ouya was a gaming console for the Android platform that let users play games on their TVs. Even though it raised an astounding $8.5 million, the console flopped after only two years on the market and was discontinued in 2015. Somewhere Bill Gates is laughing.
Backers: 63,416
Goal: $950,000
Raised: $8,596,475

6. Exploding Kittens, funded in February 2015
Defying all logic, especially given it’s incredible funding raise, this card game is described as Russian Roulette with cats. Players take turns drawing cards until one of them gets an exploding cat and the game ends. It was shipped to backers last summer and has since been made available for sale. Giving hope to slackers everywhere, sometimes all it takes is a really dumb idea.
Backers: 219,382
Goal: $10,000
Raised: $8,782,571

5. The World’s Best Travel Jacket, funded in September 2015
Delighting MacGuyver and OCD travelers everywhere, this jacket has just about everything you could possibly need to travel comfortably built-in: earphone holders, a phone pocket, a zipper for a pen and stylus, gloves, a passport pocket, an eye mask, a neck pillow, a blanket pocket, a smartphone pocket, a koozie drink pocket, an iPad pocket, a sunglasses pocket, a microfiber cloth, and hand-warming pockets. It’s currently available for sale but there’s no word on whether it can actually fly a plane on its own.
Backers: 44,949
Goal: $20,000
Raised: $9,192,055

4. Pebble E-Paper Watch, funded in May 2012
Pebble has since grown into a major player in the wearables market and their first project, The E-paper was an early smartwatch that could be paired with the iPhone and Android via Bluetooth. Forecasting the wearables boom, it was so popular when it hit the market that it sold out within a few days.
Backers: 68,929
Goal: $100,000
Raised: $10,266,845

3. Pebble 2, Time 2, and Pebble Core, funded in July 2016
Continuing their Kickstarter success, Pebble’s third campaign was also successful this year when the company introduced three new products: two smartwatches and a wearable device that lets you work out without taking your phone with you. The Pebble 2 and Time 2 are currently available for preorder.
Backers: 66,673
Goal: $1,000,000
Raised: $12,779,843

2. The Coolest Cooler, funded in August 2014
Proving that everyone loves ice-cold beer and tailgating to the tune of a cool $13+ million, this 55-quart cooler features a waterproof speaker, a working blender for making drinks, a USB charger, and a bottle opener. Unfortunate manufacturing issues that slowed down shipment, a high price tag of $500, competitive products, and mixed reviews have all tempered the success of the cooler though. Who knew the cooler game was so tough?
Backers: 62,642
Goal: $50,000
Raised: $13,285,226

1. Pebble Time, funded in March 2015
There should be no surprise that Pebble is not only on the list again, but also has the top spot for most funded Kickstarter with an insane $20+ million raise in their second campaign. The company developed two more watches last year: the Pebble Time and the Pebble Time Steel. With revamped designs and better battery lives, the two models are now successful products that are on sale now.
Backers: 78,471
Goal: $500,000
Raised: $20,338,986

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