Skip TSA With These 6 Airport-Free Labor Day Trips

TSA is the worst. So are delays. Especially the ones where you get to know the tarmac ever too well. Not to mention that now airlines are no longer your friends (no matter which class you’re in) and that it’s a holiday weekend. Yup, sounds like a recipe for disaster. So for the unofficial end of summer weekend, why not avoid the skies and find other creative ways to escape. Here are some of the best ways to get out of your big city, and into a full, well-deserved kickback, all without stepping foot inside of an airport.

Take The Train From New York
From Grand Central Station, a soothing river-view train ride (two to three hours, plus a quick Uber) delivers you right in the historic hamlet of Stone Ridge. You haven’t heard about it because it’s perfectly undiscovered. So Hasbrouck House, a discreet 18th century Dutch Colonial stone mansion that just opened its beautiful doors, is all for you, and just in time for this upcoming weekend. The suites have large windows overlooking the grounds - which includes a carriage and stable house - and are immaculately furnished.. So even though the area is beautiful and is close to some of the best wineries, with all this you probably don’t want to leave. At this point you’re probably starving, right? So grab a drink in the Club Room, or at the nightly bonfire, and then feast on farm-to-table (you’re in the country after all) fare at their restaurant Butterfield (brought to you by the ex-Husk and Breslin chef).

Hop A Ferry From San Francisco
Remember the bay? Well it has a ferry and just 20 minutes later the city of Sausalito is in full view. Just like that. With endless bike paths and hiking routes, the Marin County area is perfect for that adventure weekend - without actually being that far from civilization. The Inn Above Tide, right on the waterfront, is where to wash off the mud, rest your head and get a well-deserved night cap. It might be the last of the sun for a while, so drink up and forget that you have that thing called “work.” After a boozy, waterfront brunch at The Lighthouse, at the last possible minute, you can grab the ferry back to reality.

Plot A Road Trip From Los Angeles
If you’re smart you’ll leave as early as possible. The herds will be heading north (or south for that matter), so going east might actually completely avoid the traffic. And since it’s not the Coachella weekend, the California Desert will be quiet and ready for your arrival. If you’re into some sun worshipping, chilling at the pool with a frosty drink is definitely doable. Trendy spots like The Ace Hotel and the recently opened Arrive Hotel (complete with ice cream parlor) will be the perfect escape and a great mix of partying and relaxing. So do what every good gentleman should do: find a spot at the pool (with evening movie screenings), kick back, and you’re all set.

Board A Boat In Miami
I mean, sure, you could take a seaplane but a boat seems so much more baller. Cuba should be ready for these kinds of visits soon, but in the meantime the Bahamas are happy to have you. A two hour ferry will deliver you right to Nassau. Avoid any crowds, or retired New Yorkers for that matter, and make a beeline for the ocean. Without overthinking it, this part of the world is great for ocean-based adventure so snorkeling around the great reefs, diving the Tongue of the Ocean or deep sea fishing on a charter are all on the agenda. But then again, some tennis or golf back at the Atlantis or the exceptional One and Only Resort wouldn’t be the worst way to spend a day either. Wind down the evening with a beach-side dinner, a few rounds of blackjack, and a delicious rum cocktail.

Drive To The Lakes Outside Chicago
About 150 miles north of the city is where Elkhart Lake, WI, attracts seekers of boating, swimming and water skiing. But the legendary Road America racetrack is also here, so while you might feel the pull of some ice cold beers on a lake-going vessel, a few laps around the race track in-between makes for a perfect adventure weekend. Satisfy your need for speed and choose between karts, supermoto bikes or join in with the Porsche Club who’s taken over the track for Labor Day Weekend. Book and rustic Air BnB cabin or pony up for a slick suite at The American Club Resort, just a 20 min drive from the lake; either way, nature is calling.

Escape To Nature From D.C.
If you’re ready to ditch the madness of The Hill for a little bit of Mother Nature, many easy escapes are at your fingertips. Just 90 minutes away, tiny Harpers Ferry will offer you a killer mix of river adventure and hiking trails. The 6.5 mile Maryland Heights hiking trail is the perfect climb up for stunning views of the entire valley. If a chill seaside vibe and some delicious blue crab is more your speed, head east across Chesapeake Bay to St. Michaels. Enjoying a relaxed pace, lazy bay cruises, and a few ice cold beverages on a beautiful body of water sounds like a worthy usage of the holiday weekend now doesn’t it?

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