The Most Stylish men in the NBA

If you haven't noticed, the NBA is the most stylish league in sports and with the season officially wrapped, let's crown our champions. These 5 guys are making fashion-forward look layup-easy and proving that the walk to and from the locker room is now a runway.

1. Chris Paul - Effortlessly combining high-end streetwear and impeccable tailoring, the Clipper guard has taken his style game to the top of the league. Never afraid to take risks, Paul mixes high and low better than anyone in the game.

2. Tyson Chandler - There’s nobody that has more edge to his style than Chandler. Frequently rocking the sorts of drapey, gothic looks that you might see at a downtown NYC art gallery opening, the Suns center wears dark layers and all-black suiting like an MVP.

3. JR Smith - When he's not flexing on fools on the court, the Cavs guard is a big fan of relaxed luxury and he mixes high-end sportswear with fashion-forward pieces with ease.

4. Blake Griffin - Rarely do we see a guy who’s clothes fit him better, and that’s saying a lot when you’ve got a frame as big and athletic as he does. One day he’s relaxed in denim, the next, he’s wearing exceptionally well-tailored suiting. Griffen is evidence of the power of a great tailor.

5. Amar’e Stoudemire  - It’s amazing seeing a guy who is 6’10 275 pounds rock a closet full of high-end European brands like Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Givenchy. He always pulls it all together with the strongest accessory game in the league too.

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