The 13 Must-Own Style Staples For 2016

We’re almost a month into a new year and you’re ready to get your Don Draper style status on point. Congrats. Before you start your wardrobe refresh, it’s important to consider what you’ve got and where you want to take your wardrobe. Just like a house needs a rock-solid foundation, so does your wardrobe. With that in mind we put together a comprehensive list of 13 must-own foundational items for the stylish man in 2016. This list ranges from casual to dressy and will take you from Winter through Fall. Add these staples to your wardrobe foundation and you’ll be on track to looking like the man in a room full of boys.

1. A Navy Suit
If you don’t have a rock-solid navy suit in your wardrobe already, what they hell have you been wearing? Just as versatile as it is timeless, a navy suit will look sharp and fit the bill whether you’re going on a job interview or to a wedding. Always and forever in style, invest in a good one and you won’t have to replace it for years to come.

2. A Gray and Navy Crew Neck Sweater
This is the year of crew neck sweaters; we have been carefully watching many designers sending guys down the runway in what is now the most versatile sweater you can own. So the time has come to give your v-neck a rest and swap it for something old that feels new again. Whether you’re going casual or dressing up, it’s easy to wear. Rock it solo or layer a button-up underneath, either way you’re going to look great.

3. Indigo Selvedge Denim
Who wouldn’t want to own denim made from the finest mills in Japan. Selvedge denim is a bit like a committed relationship, you need to be patient and understand each other to make it work. A good pair of selvedge jeans will last you forever so toughen up and put the work into breaking them in like a real style pro. Once you do, you’ll be rewarded with something that’s not only stylish and versatile but also all your own.

4. A Clean Pair of White Sneakers
We’ve officially entered peak sneaker, and while you’re no doubt seeing shoes previously relegated only the to gym in all kinds of fashionable situations, it all comes down to owning a classic. Something simple, versatile, and free of logos is always going to be in style, no matter what you’re wearing with it.

5. Grey Chinos
This may seem obvious, but there’s no end to how versatile they are. Plus, a man can’t live on denim alone, especially for more dressy situations. Chinos are appropriate for most settings; whether you’re heading to the office or running to movies, these trousers will rock with you thru the year. Wear them with everything from a t-shirt and sneakers to a dress shirt, tie, and a blazer and you’ll come to appreciate the swiss army knife of pants.

6. A Crisp White Button-Up Shirt
In every great closet resides a crisp white dress shirt (several, actually). More importantly, this is an item that you should inspect and replace often (Sweat stains? Holes? Ketchup spills? Ditch 'em). These aren’t your favorite pair of beat up Chuck Taylors, so keep your shirts crisp and pristine. A crisp white shirt can easily separate an intern from the boss (or a BAWSE), so, which are you?

7. The Henley
What to wear when a tee is too casual but you’re not really feeling a sweater, the Henley is your new go to. You’ll look pulled together while letting your neck breathe a bit. Throw on jeans and that casual blazer with it and you’ll be the guy at the bar that everyone wants to know.

8. An Indispensible Blazer
We've said it before and we will say it again, every man should own a versatile blazer. Dress it up or dress it down, you can rock it whenever you want. All that’s required is a desire to take your look from zero to hero.

9. A Versatile Knit Tie
Sure, you’ve got the silk versions covered, but do you have a knit tie on lock? You’d better at this point. I know we keep harping on versatility, but it’s the key to a foundational wardrobe. A knit tie adds a unique twist to your suit rotation and also dresses up your denim and chinos in a great way.

10. A Chambray Shirt (or two)
If there’s a new casual MVP, it’s the chambray shirt. Sure, we love our blue oxfords, but the chambray is officially our new go-to. A staple ever since it was co-opted from workwear in the mid 60’s, the chambray shirt is just the right amount of rugged and looks just as good untucked with a pair of chinos as it does under a blazer and knotted up with a knit tie and denim.

11. The Camel Topcoat
At this point, when you think topcoat, you should be thinking camel. In addition to giving you a ton of swag, the days of only wearing your topcoat with a suit are long gone. Pair it with a tee-shirt, crew neck sweater or even a denim jacket. This one piece will make you a legit style star in seconds, so make sure it’s in your closet this year.

12. A Simple, Classic Watch
It’s time for something simple, functional, and versatile. Try a clean white face, simple leather strap, and a manageable size (around 40mm). It’s the perfect companion to any suit (and pretty much everything else).

13. Single or Double Monkstrap Shoes
The mighty monk strap has ascended from instagram street style to legit necessity. These staples are completely versatile and can be dressed up or down, plus they boast just enough personality to subtly stunt on everyone else in your office. Now sit back and enjoy the ooo’s and ahh’s as you hit the streets.

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