Style Endorsement: The NATO Watch Strap

Let’s face it, you hear the word “accessorize”, and you cringe.  Yeah, we get you.  But trust us, when done right it doesn't have to be weird, complicated, or over the top.  We gave you a few tips here, but for those of you who sport a bit more of a low-key vibe, we're gonna show you one of the quickest, easiest ways to add a punch of style to your summer wardrobe, the NATO watch strap.  It's cheap, easy, and will add instant personality.

Originally designed for the British military, the nylon “NATO” watch strap is perfect for warm weather (or any weather really) and an active lifestyle. Made from durable, woven nylon, they’re impervious to water and sweat, and swapping out your traditional metal or leather watch strap for a NATO strap is a super easy update.  They're also relatively inexpensive, anywhere from $10  -$20 a pop, so you can invest in a few and regularly change it up anytime you want.  Plus they're super versatile and will work well both functionally and style-wise with nearly every type of watch.

From a styling standpoint, solid colors like black, navy or gray are obviously easy to work with, but we recommend opting for a prep-influenced stripe combo or a pop of color.  It's going add a nice dose of personality to your overall style without going too far over the top.  Nautical combinations like blue, red, white, yellow, and green match up well with the NATO strap's sporty look.

They're easy to install, all you need is this handy guide right here.

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