The Best Scary Movies on Netflix

Whether you’re nursing your post-Halloween party hangover on the couch with some Postmates or pizza or avoiding the potentially murderous clowns roaming the streets, it’s that horror movie time of the year. Between found footage, newer slashers, to cult classics, your Netflix queue has everything you need this week.

From Dusk 'Til Dawn
Part campy and 70’s-inspired, part vampire horror, this classic is the perfect blend of humor, horror, and quotable lines. Written by (and starring) Quentin Tarantino and directed by Robert Rodriguez, this reliable combo is definitely a winner.

The Host
One of the best and most original horror movies in decades, The Host was Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s major US debut and was, upon it’s release, the most popular film of all time in South Korea. Essentially a clever and awesome monster movie, The Host is a hidden gem that is definitely worth a watch.

Dead Snow
A cheesy zombie flick set during WWII and featuring zombie nazis? Sign us up. Both scary and hilarious, this Norwegian cult film is ready to fullfill your gory zombie appetite this Halloween.

There are a million scary-as-hell, modern horror movies with single word names on Netflix (The Uninvited, Babadook, and The Invitation, to name a few) but Hush is our favorite. Packed with psychological terror as a defenseless, deaf woman is stalked by a mysterious masked man, this one’s going to have you checking all dark rooms long after it’s over.

Sleepy Hollow
Nobody makes movies like Tim Burton and this moody, funny, creepy take on the classic Halloween tale is a must-watch for gothic horror fans.

Children Of The Corn
If you're down for classic 80’s horror, skip Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street and check out this frightening movie version of Stephen King’s legendary horror tale. Scary town? Check. Creepy possessed kids? Check. Haunting music? Check. This one’s got everything and it will scare the shit out of you.

Speaking of 80’s cult classics, the insanely gory and ridiculous Re-Animator is now available on Netflix. Perfect for fans of classic gory horror flicks, this story about a mad scientist trying to bring the dead to life will shock and entertain you in the perfect way.

The Nightmare
If you think a documentary can’t be scary, give The Nightmare a test drive. Talented filmmaker and obvious horror fan Rodney Ascher’s (his fascinating documentary Room 237, about the classic movie The Shining, is also on Netflix) creates a chilling documentary about the freaky phenomena of sleep paralysis that plays as well as any horror flick.

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