What To Wear To Every Type of NYE Party

There۪s no doubt you۪ve got some plans on tap for New Year۪s Eve, and with most parties you۪re probably facing a variety of dress codes. So, to help set you up for success, here are a few ground rules on how you can (and should) approach NYE in style.

Dressed To The Nines
This goes for any event invite that contains the words soiree, gala, or ball. These are the kinds of parties that include a lot of gold and silver-tinted decorations, and a red carpet at the entrance (and hopefully free-flowing booze and fancy snacks). That also means that your options are more than likely going to be limited, and that۪s not necessarily a bad thing.

What to Wear: Even if the invitation doesn۪t explicitly call for it, a tuxedo is going to be your best friend in this situation. Also, if no details were specified, you may be able to deviate from the normal black tux option and add a little color to your fit. Midnight blue and burgundy are both great alternatives, but be sure to keep everything else very simple: black tie, black shoes, notch, peak or shawl lapels, and a crisp, white tuxedo shirt.

Semi-Formal That Doesn't Suck
More fancy than a bar or club and you're likely bringing a date, this type of event calls for something elevated that's not your standard work week suit. Here۪s how not to screw it up.

What to Wear:: A suit. Period. It says "I۪'m here to have a good time, but am still capable of dressing myself appropriately."  A dark navy or bold bright blue with some patterns mixed in is a great way to go. Just make sure to stay away from anything too formal or too casual. If you want to up the ante, this is definitely an occasion that would be perfect for a style-forward patterned suit or some boldly colored accessories.

NYE At The Bar Or Club
Whether it۪s a club, a chill cocktail spot, or your divey local, you owe it to the people you۪re with to dress like you۪ve got some sense. You۪re going to be getting after it and you want to put your best foot forward, especially since there۪s probably going to be ample opportunity for some midnight companionship.

What to Wear: Stay casual and comfortable, but stylish. You۪'ll probably bar hop, so boots or loafers should work well. Dark, crisp jeans and a patterned blazer will keep you looking sharp. For extra style points, don۪t forget your pocket square or throw on a tie for an instant conversation starter.  For an advanced move, wear a tuxedo jacket with dark denim and a crisp white shirt.  Finish it with black loafers or leather sneakers for a true next-level fit.

Handle The House Party
Sometimes a kickass house party or low-key hang is the perfect NYE. Although the rules may change a bit if you guys decide to go out, dressing for this night is going to be fairly simple.

What to Wear: Cool yet casual. You۪re amongst friends, so dress the part. Denim or chinos, your favorite boots or sneakers, and the right button-up with a knit is a solid way to go.

A Final Word On Required Dress Codes
The rules are simple with this one: if you۪'re ever invited to an event that has an expressed written dress code (e.g. "black tie" or "semi-formal") just do just that. There۪s nothing worse than not following directions just so you can separate yourself from the other suits in the room, when all it does is make you stick out like a jackass.

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