The Other Side Of Vegas: Amazing Things To Do Off The Strip

Few trips rival Vegas, we’ve probably all had some of the best times of our lives on and around the Las Vegas Strip. The clubs, the tables, the girls, the restaurants, the clubs, the get it. But sometimes it’s worth taking a look around, the hidden gems that exist outside of the normal realm of raging nightclubs, smoky casinos and after-hours hotspots is pretty phenomenal.

Dig This Las Vegas
What if I told you that a place exists where you would have access to full-size heavy equipment and a massive, adult-sized sandbox to play in? Fortunately, all of your childhood dreams can come true in real life at Dig This Las Vegas. Located just off the strip, this heavy equipment playground allows you to drive and operate full-scale heavy equipment like bulldozers, excavators, and more. Dig holes, push tires, climb over mounds, it’s all amazing. Now this is real man stuff.

The Mob Museum
Everyone knows Vegas was built, at least in part by the mob back in the bad old days. If you’re in the mood to throw it back to Vegas’s heyday, The Mob Museum, located in downtown Las Vegas, has your name written all over it. Packed with fascinating interactive displays, the museum documents the history of organized crime units and their battles with the Feds. Sit back and take in the theater presentations, revel in the digitally interactive exhibits, or peruse the original keepsakes from that era. Visitors of the museum can even get the full mobster experience by trying on some of the artifacts, like a pair of brass knuckles. An electric chair is also available for you to sit in and imagine what mobster Louis "Lepke" Buchalter went through during his last moments. You can even get your “Making A Murderer” on and sit in a makeshift courtroom and listen to the audio of a real-life, mobster murder trial. Good times? Fuggedaboutit! (sorry, we had to)

Two Words: Machine Guns
With notoriously liberal gun regulations Las Vegas has been a haven for recreational gun enthusiasts. What does this mean for you? Yup, firing machine guns. What’s a better bachelor party or guys trip experience than strapping on some of the same heavy artillery and machine guns used by our Special Forces and military and sending a few hundred rounds down range? With a variety of insane set ups, options and packages, spots like Machine Guns Vegas and Battlefield Vegas make for some of the most kickass, and let’s face it, sober, fun we’ve had in Vegas.

Golf, Vegas Style
With so much money and leisure happening, it’s a natural that Vegas has some great links, and if you’re looking to tee it up with the boys, there are many quality golf clubs in Vegas for you to practice your swing. The scenic Shadow Creek, designed by famed architect Tom Fazio, is a favorite amongst celebrities and high-rollers. At each hole, you will be greeted by towering waterfalls, and sweeping landscapes with the picturesque desert as your backdrop. Then there’s Coyote Springs, the Jack Nicklaus-designed course that is dubbed the “Nature’s Cradle.” Nestled in between the valley and encased by towering mountains, the pristine course offers one of the best playing views in the state. Start your boys trip or bachelor party off with a round, a few cold beers, and a scenic backdrop and you’ll be glad you left the tables for a few.

Lake Mead
If you’re looking to partake in some water fun, Lake Mead is the destination of choice for sports enthusiast. Just 30 minutes off the strip, Lake Mead offers a wealth of outdoors-y activities and some incredible desert scenery. Camp out for a few days, take advantage of its pontoon and boat rentals, or shove off in a fully outfitted houseboat and post up at one of the lake’s many secluded coves. Out on the lake there’s nothing to do but kick back, swim, savor some beers, and enjoy the sunshine. Sounds worth a drive off the Strip doesn’t it?

The Erotic Heritage Museum
The Erotic Heritage Museum brings the kink from the Strip to an exhibit that celebrates erotic artifacts from the worlds of art, film and entertainment. The sprawling 24,000-square-feet facility is all about sex education and the act of sexual pleasure as a natural form of the human experience. Knock your socks off in the museum’s Earth, Magic, Sex, Motion exhibit, or feast your eyes on the authenticated panties of Hitler’s mistress, Eva Braun, in the Sex in the Third Reich showcase. Bring a date and let your freak flag fly.

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