Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Now

Despite what you may think, podcasts obviously existed before Serial arrived on the scene and blew it up like Rick Ross arriving at Magic City. Whether you’re taking in an indie-music rundown while swiffering your kitchen or learning about how stuff works with the latest episodes of “How Stuff Works”while on your morning subway ride,, the podcast world is packed with informative, entertaining, hilarious, and thought-provoking shows, all free and all at your fingertips. While you’ve probably heard of a few of the most popular go-to’s, Radiolab, Grantland, This American Life, The Joe Rogan Show, and the like, here are a few of our other favorites you should be checking out right now.

If you're into good storytelling:

The Message
Graduate student Nicky Tomalin got a chance to join a group of cryptographers at the Cipher Center For Communications as they investigate and try to decipher a strange transmission that a naval station received in 1945. Is it just foreign…or alien? And what will be revealed once it’s decoded? Did it actually cause the deaths of some of the people who worked on it previously? The Message is so perfectly produced, written and acted that you’ll have a hard time believing it’s only a fictional tale.

Like The X-Files and Serial had a baby, Limetown is a sci-fi story about a small town that all but disappeared under mysterious and conspiratorial circumstances. Join lead character and journalist Lia Haddock as she dives into the secrets of Limetown, her possible familial connection to the city’s former residents, and what strange science experiments may have lead to its ultimate destruction. If it sounds crazy, that’s because it is, but trust us, it’s an amazing ride.

If you're sick of SportsCenter:

Move The Sticks
Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks, two former NFL scouts, talk sports with general managers and assistant coaches on Move the Sticks. Because these guys are both fans and were industry insiders, they give really interesting takes on various aspects of football, and provide in-depth observations of some of your favorite players and teams. It’s good enough to be on TV, but you’ll be happy it’s not, so you can catch up at the office or on your commute.

The Lowe Post Podcast
NBA and ESPN analyst Zach Lowe brings a unique viewpoint to the NBA’s biggest storylines and combines it with on-the-ground reporting in our favorite NBA-related show. Featuring great guests, in-depth reporting, and unique stories, this show is a must for any NBA fan. It’s the best of the NBA but through the lens of the modern-day, twitter-loving, superfan.

If you’re obsessed with tech:

Accidental Tech Podcast
ATP bills itself as, “Three nerds discussing tech, Apple, programming, and loosely related matters,” but hosts Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa are downplaying just how interesting their podcast is. It’s such a laidback look at tech—so much so that they go off on long tangents frequently—but it’s chock-full of gadget history, news and information that’s useful to anyone who wants to know more about the devices that have overtaken our lives. They even recently discussed the much-watched fight between the FBI and Apple over iPhone encryption with fascinating results.

If you’re into learning what makes successful people tick…

The Tim Ferriss Podcast
Known for his wildly popular “4-Hour” series of books, author, investor, and self-experimentalist Tim Ferriss applies his analytical approach to life and interviews with his fascinating podcast. Ferris interviews a host of the world’s most successful personalities and dissects their approach to business, life, and even their morning routines. Even if you’re not into the Ferris cult, the range of interesting people he interviews from all facest of life is worth the listen, it’s a fresh new take on the Q&A-style podcast.

If you’re into food but hate the term “foodie”:

Taste Of The Past
There are a ton of great food podcasts out there, (Good Food, Munchies, The Stew), but who better to take you on a unique culinary journey than a culinary historian? On Taste of the Past, Host Linda Pelaccio looks at food cultures across different time periods and places, with knowledgeable guests who have made the topic of cuisine their professions, too. She also offers up great facts on the foods we love, like in a recent episode about chefs in the White House she shared that the earliest recipe for mac and cheese was written in 1769. You’ll definitely want to tune in because learning about food is just as great as eating it.

Food Is The New Rock
Whether you’re a food fan or a music fan, food writer Zach Brooks’s podcast has you covered. Incorporating both his love of food and music, Brooks interviews some of the world’s best chefs, bands, and musicians about all things food and music, with one small twist. Interestingly, he focuses on talking to the chefs about music and the musicians about food and cooking. Proving that both food and music are universal, this podcast is not only entertaining but sheds light into what drives some of the world’s most creative people.

If you still miss Serial and Making A Murderer:

Undisclosed: The State vs. Adnan Syed
Yeah, we were disappointed in Serial season 2 as well. Thankfully, if your interest in Adnan Syed’s case didn’t end when the first season of Serial wrapped up, there are a lot of different podcasts about it popped up in the aftermath. The best one is definitely Undisclosed and is spearheaded by attorney Rabia Chaudry, the sibling of Syed’s childhood friend. Undisclosed is a look at the case and makes the legal aspects the focal point, compared to Serial’s more narrative telling. Don’t expect Chaudry to be heavily biased, though, because she’s after the facts, regardless of how guilty or innocent they make Syed look.

If you already listen to all the popular ones:

Reply All
Think of Reply All as Humans of New York with an Internet twist. Hosts PJ and Alex find really compelling stories connected to the Internet, and share them with listeners. It’s about the way the web has changed all of us, and our relationships with others. From the first episode, you’ll be so riveted that you’ll find no problem working your way through these 20 minutes or less episodes. Wait until you hear the story of how Ethan Zuckerman ruined your life twenty years ago, in episode three.

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