Pulling Off The Three Piece Suit

Perhaps when you’re you’re thinking about a three-piece suit, Boardwalk Empire or Harvey Specter comes to mind. However, the three-piece suit doesn’t have to elicit images of Prohibition-era gangsters or or be relegated solely to the courtroom; it can be a dapper statement that’s also versatile enough for many occasions. We’ve got a few tips to share about when, where, and how to rock this standout suit to its fullest potential.

Wear it at the right times

That's to say, all the time. Over the past few years the three-piece suit has certainly made a comeback. But it’s no longer just for the boardroom or exceptionally formal events, so feel free to think of it as a suit that’s just as versatile as your standard two-piece variants. Wear it everywhere, from the office to a night out to a weekend wedding.

Wear it the right way

When you’re wearing a three piece suit, it’s pretty clear that you’re looking to make a statement, especially if your suit fabric also has a pattern on it. Opt for a more muted shirt and tie pairing, so that your outfit is balanced from head to toe. Next, be sure your vest fits properly and falls in the right place. It should hit the top of your belt buckle and be fitted around your midsection. Most vests are adjustable giving you the option to loosen or tighten it as needed.

Wear it three ways

Certainly the most formal option is the full monty -- jacket, vest, and a tie. If you’re attending a wedding, evening event, or other more formal occasion, this is the way to go. The best part is, when you remove your jacket you’ll still be looking as sharp as ever.

Option two, we’ll call this one semi-formal, is the full three piece suit, but skipping the tie. Losing the tie takes down the formality of the look a bit but still retains the statement-making style factor. Accessorizing with a colorful or patterned pocket square is also a great way to style this suit. We love this look for a night out on the town, a trip to Vegas, or even a date.

Finally, option three, turn your three-piece into a two-piece. It may seem obvious but for those times when a standard suiting option is the right move, the three-piece also has you covered. For work and beyond, you can style this option as formally as the occasion calls for.

In addition to making one heck of a sartorial statement, the three piece suit is one of the most versatile items a man can own. Sounds like it might be time for you to make room in your closet for one of these now doesn’t it?

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