Ruin Your Sunday: NFL Week 6

Welcome back to the theatre of pain, it’s week 6. Your tears are like a sweet, sweet liquor, this is Ruin Your Sunday.

Charles Not In Charge
Was Spencer Ware the Chiefs running back you thought would be lighting up the league this year? No you filthy liar, he definitely wasn’t. Through 6 weeks Jamaal Charles has looked epically dismal and Charcandrick West has been a complete no-show. Only Zeke Elliot, DeMarco Murray, David Johnson, and LeSean McCoy have more rushing yards than Ware though. Maybe it’s good if you’re a Chiefs fan but, if you’re one of those suckers who spent a top tier draft pick on Charle's 2016 upside...yikes.

Pack On The Pounds
Speaking of shitty running backs, I’ll see your Jamaal Charles and raise you one “Skinny” Eddie Lacy. As someone who, up until this week, thought IR meant Instant Ramen, he’s been so ice cold the Pack had to use a 4th string WR as a running back. When your team trades - that’s right - trades, for the carcass of the Chiefs 8th-string running back Knile Davis for help, you know that all-you-can-eat buffet deal is about to expire. Further insult to ranch-covered injury? You just got savaged by the Cowboys, a team so historically average that you might swipe right on Tinder if you're drunk enough.

Ladies and gentlemen, your New York Jets. Good times in northern New Jersey these days, and by good times we mean a 1-5 start, a rock-solid ass whipping courtesy of Arizona, the benching of Mr. Interception (ahem, Dr. Interception) Ryan Fitzpatrick for “Glassjaw” Geno Smith (seriously, how bad do you have to be to get benched for Geno Smith), and Eric Decker officially hailing an Uber for the IR. At least you’ve still got Chris Christie to depend on...wait...nevermind.

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