4 Essential Shoe Maintenance Accessories You Need

No matter what you’re investing in, your portfolio, your ride, or your apartment/house, being properly equipped and prepared to maintain your investment is a major key to longevity.  The same goes for your closet.  Sure you've got a solid shoe rotation in place, but do you have the accessories you need to properly store and care for your shoes?  Don’t worry, all you need are a few simple items to keep your kick squad in the best possible shape.

Shoe Trees
Maybe the single most important investment you can make for your shoes’ longevity, these simple wooden supports will help your shoes maintain their shape and prevent creasing over the lifespan.  Additionally, the cedar wood is going to absorb any excess moisture and funk, keeping them fresh. They’re inexpensive and can be found everywhere (including Amazon), so invest in a pair for each of your dress shoes and loafers and drop them back in right after you remove your shoes.

A Proper Shoe Horn
Nope, not just for the old guys, a proper shoe horn should be used regularly to prevent the inevitable smashing down of the back of your shoes (especially when they’re new).  Yeah, sure we all do it, but over the long haul, this can severely damage the structure and leather of the back of the shoe.  Do yourself a favor, make it easy and just get a shoe horn.

Dust Bags
Depending on the depth of your rotation, you may go weeks or months without wearing some pairs, so keep ‘em covered in a cloth bag for protection. Ideally suited for long or short term storage, these simple bags also do double duty as travel bags to protect them from those knives and weapons you’ve inevitably got stashed in your luggage.

A Solid Shoe Care Kit
While we definitely endorse regular, professional shinings, having a well-stocked kit at home is super important.  In addition to making your grandpa proud, there’s something satisfying about cracking a cold beer (or 2) on a Sunday afternoon and doing some work on your shoes yourself.   Available in many forms, a lot of the shining kits you see online are overkill, so we recommend just keeping it simple with a basic polish or two, a rag, and a brush.  From there we recommend stocking it with a few extras like a suede block and brush.  They’re going to go a long way in keeping your suede joints crisp by helping you maintain the smooth, buttery nap and repair any nicks or scratches.  Finally, stock some Jason Markk sneaker care products, they’re amazing and work great on leather dress shoes as well.  There’s a full line of cleaners, wipes, and sprays to keep all your kicks looking fresh, clean and protected.

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