How To Wear Sneakers With a Suit

We live in stylish times and your go-to suit doesn’t have to be so, well, business-y all the time. There’s a reason why you see some of the most stylish men on the planet dressing down their suits with sneakers in all manner of ways, it looks pretty fucking cool. While it’s not as easy as just losing your cap toes and throwing on a pair of J’s, it’s actually more simple than you might think. Here’s how to do it right.

Can You Kick It?
Yes, you can, but make sure you’re doing it the right way. When pairing sneakers, keep them clean and simple, this isn’t the place for your gym shoes or a chunky-ass pair of basketball kicks. Same goes for the other end of the spectrum, something that’s very casual like a canvas sneaker or Chuck Taylor is a bit too informal. You want the leather of the sneaker to accent the more formal suit in the right way. Keep the colors neutral too, white, black, or a similarly dark color works best.

Choose The Right Suit
Your boardroom navy probably isn’t the right move here, try something more unique like a fresh royal blue or something with a bold pattern like a windowpane. If you’re going to go with something solid, keep it minimal and dark like charcoal or black. Think of this as elevated casual wear, rather than a formal outfit.

Check Your Fit
As we mentioned, this isn’t a boardroom situation so something on the slimmer side is going to look better dressed down, especially if you're pairing with a t-shirt. You want to have a slim taper and a hem that’s on the shorter side too, and if you’re not typically down with a higher hem or no break, this is the time to try it.

The Right Finish
It’s time to lose your midweek dress shirts and tie, this calls for a more casual finish. Try a simple plain crew or v-neck t-shirt that fits well. If you want to go for a collared shirt, go for something basic and trim fitting; white or black is your best move. We recommend skipping the tie (try the vibe of an air tie) but a tonal accent or basic color works best if you want to go the full monty. When tying one on, texture works too, so don’t ignore the power of a simple black knit tie as the right accent when rocking sneakers with your suit and shirt.

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