Grooming Update: How To Spring Clean Yourself

Spring is all about hitting reset.  You’re dragging yourself out of the brutality of winter, the sun is becoming a more frequent presence, and you’re probably starting to shed some of those cold weather layers.  It’s also the perfect time to re-look at your grooming routine and give it a refresh too.  Just like you’re probably re-evaluating your wardrobe and cleaning out your closet to meet the new season, your grooming routine could use some specific tweaking for the new season.  So let’s bust out that pressure washer and hose you down for a fine-looking spring.

Step 1: Beard-valuation
No matter what length of face rug you’re working with now’s a great time to consider where it’s at.  Trimming or shaving is going to give you a sense of lightness and give your skin some breathing room as the weather warms.  It’s also going to set up your face for the next step to a solid Spring Clean, exfoliation.

Step 2: Scrub Your Mug
Now that you've evaluated your facial hair, it's time to consider the skin underneath.  Exfoliating is a vital step in maintaining clean, healthy skin and a  gentle exfoliating scrub (available at department stores or drug stores) will clean off excess dead skin, grime, and oil that’s been building up all winter (especially if you’ve been rocking a longer beard) to reveal fresh, new skin.  It’s not something you need to do every week but definitely something to do regularly.  If you do shave your face cleanly it’s also going to help in preparing your skin for a closer, more comfortable shave.

Step 4: Skin It To Win It
Cold, dry weather is tough on your skin, especially the delicate skin on your face (as you probably noticed), but as it warms up it may be time to consider new face moisturizers that are a bit lighter weight since the weather won’t be putting as much stress on your skin.  Plus, if you aren’t already wearing a moisturizer with a bit of sunscreen/SPF already (15-25 is enough for most skin), now's the time to start.

Step 4: A Scent Switch Up
We’ve talked about a seasonal approach to your cologne game before, and now that we’re headed into the warmer months, it might be time to put those heavier scents on the back burner and opt for something lighter through the summer.  You want to look for scents that feature citrus, grass, and light wood notes as they’re going to work well for both day and evening.  New fragrances are dropping all the time but a few of our latest favorites are Varvatos Artisan BluDior SauvageAtelier Cologne Cedrat, and Commodity Goods Gin.

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