Spring Style Tips

Spring’s officially here and you’ll definitely be facing some new style challenges as the weather transitions and warms up. To help you prep your wardrobe, closet, and style mindset for the warmer months ahead we enlisted the help of one of our go-to style gurus and host of Dress Smarter, Isaac Hinden-Miller, for a few tips and a bit of advice on how to face the new season with confidence.

How To Create A Seasonal Wardrobe
“Shopping for clothes is kind of like shopping for food. If you're hungry and you go to the grocery store, you won't necessarily choose what's best for you, you're just gonna reach for what's going to fill the void quickest. The same applies for your wardrobe.”

Don't wait until the sun is blazing before you start trying to figure out how to dress for it. Start now, do some research, read some men's site’s (like this one), and make some educated decisions about what's going to work best for you and your closet. Above all, try some new things and branch out.

Isaac's 5 Key Items You Need For Spring
“I generally recommend keeping things simple and versatile so these five things are absolutely essential.”

Cotton Suiting - Work or wedding appropriate and great for warmer months.
A Chambray Shirt - Perfect with denim or chinos and you can dress it up.
Cuffed chinos and denim with no socks - Keeps you ready for spring footwear and casual looks.
Patterned or printed short sleeve shirts - A casual go-to with denim, chinos or shorts.
The right t-shirt - Solid or striped, the fit has got to be on-point. Wear ‘em with everything.

Handle The Temperature Changes In Style
“It’s all about layering the right way. I'm a big fan of layering sweaters, sweatshirts and hoodies, and they're a great way of transitioning from overcoats to lighter weight jackets.”

Throw a hoodie or sweater on underneath a lighter jacket or blazer and they'll give you the extra layer of warmth if temperatures drop, but without the excess bulk and risk of overheating if it warms up. As it warms up further, a simple lightweight sweater should do the job in covering you for those warm days that turn into cool evenings.

It's Spring, Add Some Color
"As it warms up in Spring I tend to go with a lot of blue and white — lighter denim with a white t-shirt, white oxfords, stuff like that. You can start with something as simple as a chambray shirt or a pale blue oxford shirt and start transitioning into lighter colored pants (like slim fit tan chinos) and lighter colored denims gradually. From there, just try a few lighter greens and reds, you don’t have to go crazy all at once, start small."

Spring-ify Your Suit Rotation
“I'm all for the cotton suit. You can’t beat a great navy or grey cotton suit. Also, switch up the heavier wool and silk ties for something more lightweight like a silk knit or something in cotton.”

Light we said before, don’t be afraid to lighten up or add more colors to your shirt and tie rotation too. In the evening, skip the tie altogether and undo the top two buttons of your shirt.

Don’t Neglect The Shoes
“Definitely don’t skimp on the shoes. Suede oxfords or derbies and cool canvas sneakers will pay dividends in the warmer months as you can dress them up or down.”

Spring is a great time for suede dress shoes and loafers, they’re slightly less formal and work well with a huge range of outfits, from office-ready stuff to your go-to weekend gear. They’ll add polish to your casual vibes but still look formal enough for dressy occasions.

For more style tips check out Dress Smarter and follow Isaac at Isaac Likes

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