Step Up Your Suit

Whether you’re wearing one for your big presentation at work or to an upcoming friend’s wedding, a strong suit game is essential to your style repertoire. As your style evolves from getting your feet wet to mastering the basics, you can start thinking about taking your suit game up to the next level. Here’s how to step it up…

Mix Up Your Basics It’s easy to throw on a basic white or blue poplin shirt with your essential charcoal or navy suit. It’s been working well and you’ve been looking good. But, maybe you’re ready to go one step further with your color choices and add some patterns as well. These subtle tweaks are a great way to turn up the volume on your go-to basics. Start by adding a gingham or windowpane shirt to give your solid suit a little depth, then, add a tie with color and impact that complements the look. With that, you’ve given your solid colored suits a whole new look.

It’s All In The Details Sometimes it’s the little things that can really set you apart. As your suit confidence grows, you might start focusing on the small design details that will elevate the standard silhouette. A nod to traditional tailoring and days gone by, the ticket pocket is one such detail. A small mini-pocket that sits directly above the right-side jacket pocket, this extra feature adds personality and a sense of individuality to the standard pocket set up. Another bit of design detail available to the well-dressed gent is pick stitching. Also rooted in traditional bespoke suiting tradition and until recently only found in higher-end suiting, this subtle yet artful jacket lapel detail is the sort of small feature that really can help you break from the standard suiting masses.

Beyond The SolidBy now, you’ve no doubt got a rotation of essential two-button suits and perhaps you’re feeling like it’s time to add a little variety to your arsenal. Step 1? Start simply with a subtle plaid or a pinstripe pattern or step on the gas and add a vest for a three-piece option. An easy first step in developing the “personal” part of “personal style” adding patterned suiting options or a three-piece isn’t as daunting as it may seem. They’re all work appropriate and will definitely give your confidence a boost as you gear up for that big meeting or grind it out for that incoming promotion. When you’re ready for your black belt test, look no further than a double breasted suit. Currently enjoying a massive renaissance amongst the well-dressed elite, a DB truly let’s ‘em know you’ve arrived and arrived in style. When adding bolder suit options to your closet, just start small and take it one step at a time. If this is your first patterned suit, don’t feel pressured to match a crazy patterned shirt and tie with it. Again, keep the rest of your look subtle and let the suit do the talking. Trust us, you can pull it off and pull it off well.

Accessorize WellFor the final touch, the right tie and pocket square can be the perfect complement. If you’re rocking a solid-colored suit, try adding a patterned pocket square to give your look a little flair. If you’ve taken the plunge and added a patterned suit to your arsenal, you might want to try a solid colored pocket square in a complementing color or a knit tie for some added texture and style. However you finish your look, make sure you finish strong.

Whatever your suit style is, always know that there’s room for evolution. As your confidence grows you’ll be developing your own twist on your personal wardrobe, and that’s what it’s all about.

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