Style 101: Staple Shirts

As you’re elevating your personal style, you’ll always want to consider the notion that there are basic, must-have staple items that no well-dressed gentleman should be without. A sharp navy suit, a versatile charcoal suit, a classic brown wingtip; they’re versatile and always in style. We always recommend tackling these staple items first before moving on to garments and accessories of more specificity. You’ll always get more use out of that impeccable navy suit than you would that royal blue and fuchsia striped blazer, no matter how cool you think it might be at the time. To wit, we’re here to discuss your shirt choices, more specifically, three essential dress shirts that you absolutely need in your arsenal.

Consider’re at your closet in the morning, deciding what to wear, trying to make sense of what you’ve got, trying to match colors, wondering how they’ll look together while simultaneously wishing you had a cup of coffee before trying to make this decision. We know, it can be daunting. While you go make that cup of coffee, we’ll lay down some knowledge for you about simplifying your routine with 4 staple shirts. The following selections will match simply and easily with nearly any suit and tie combination and will always look appropriate in any office setting, regardless of formality. Plus, they’ll always give you extra sartorial mileage with your casual rotation because of their simplicity. These are can’t-miss colors my friends, because you’ve got plenty of other things to worry about.

White - Perhaps you’re saying, “This is obvious!” or “Too boring.” Obvious? Perhaps. Boring, definitely not. The importance of a (or several) crisp, well-fitting white dress shirts cannot be overstated. Any suit, any color, any pattern of tie; it doesn’t matter, with a white shirt you’re always going to look dialed in. There is something beautiful about it’s simplicity isn’t there?

Light Blue - It’s time for some color, and we’re not talking about that turquoise plaid number you saw on tumblr either. As versatile as white but with a bit more personality, light blue works brilliantly with charcoal and navy suits and a range of tie colors. Furthermore, if you’re nervous about trying some color, light blue is the perfect place to start; it’s always appropriate

Pink - Yup, pink. Real men wear pink, and here’s’s easy to wear and it’s classic; and not just for the Cape Cod-ers and London Dandies either. As easy to pair as white, pink looks outstanding with everything in your closet. Seriously, don’t be intimidated. When tempered by a dark suit and muted or printed tie, the impact of the color is toned down and it all works together. Give it a shot and see how terrific a pink dress shirt can look. Wear with confidence and expect compliments from women too, trust us.

Focusing on essential, never-fail items will help you establish a versatile and stylish foundation as you build your own personal style through your wardrobe. Plus, the confidence that comes from knowing you’re always going to look your best with minimal brain damage is about the most stylish thing a guy can wear.

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