Let's Conquer All Of Your Style Excuses

There are a host of reasons why men refuse to upgrade the way they look (relaxed job environment, cost vs. utility, lack of practical knowledge, etc.). Ultimately though, it’s time to stop making excuses. With that in mind, we will seek to solve a few of the most pressing style issues while imparting some useful advice to help men put their best foot forward well into the new year. It’s time to stop making excuses, face your style fears and conquer them.

“My job has a strict “t-shirt and flip flops”-only policy.”
Cargo shorts, dirty sandals, hoodies, baggy jeans, and t-shirts that have seen better days, already the norm in the tech industry, have started to trickle into other industries. Here’s the thing: the relaxed look is great for lounging around the house, or running the occasional errand, but the way you put yourself together for the workplace can (and will) be seen as an extension of how you feel about your job to your superiors. The easiest way to dress up without feeling stuffy is to combine some crisp, dark denim with a softer, less-structured collared shirt and casual oxfords or boots. And since you’ve gone this far, do that look some justice and tuck your shirt in. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have, they say. That’s some good advice.

“I’m married/have a girlfriend now, so I don't have to impress anyone.”
Says who, exactly? If anything, the moment you get into a long-term or lifelong relationship, you automatically become representatives for one another. Seriously. Think about it: all those times you two get prepare to go out in public, and it still takes your partner seemingly hours to get ready? That’s because they still care about what they look like in relation to you. Reciprocate the sentiment every once in awhile. Plus, when you look good, you feel good, as the old adage says, and it’s damn true.

“Form should always follow function, especially when it comes to clothing.”
Why not have the best of both worlds? There’s no reason why you can’t toe the line between looks and utility. For example, instead of wearing the same beat-up pair of gym shorts and novelty t-shirt to the gym, mix it up with some hi-tech, athletic gear. You’ll still be able to maintain a sense of utility, and look badass to boot. Rugged work environment? Sure, we get it. But that doesn’t mean your clothes shouldn’t fit properly and you shouldn’t look presentable. Finding a sense of pride is important, no matter what you’re dressing for.

“The money spent on pricy items doesn’t merit their return on investment.”
A recurring theme that’s practiced among the most effortlessly stylish people is the idea of quality over quantity. Look at every piece you purchase, from head to toe, as an investment; an investment you also need to take good care of, regardless of how much it actually cost you. Clothing investments are different for everyone but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be carefully considered. One person’s $160 could be another’s $700. Quality goods can be found for every budget and it’s important to figure out the right way to spend it.

“Being mindful of one’s looks is not really the manly thing to do.”
If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you already agree that the days of believing it’s not “manly” are long gone and thankfully dead. If anything, giving those around you the very best version of yourself possible is arguably one of the manliest things that you can do. We understand that working through potential style insecurities successfully is easier said than done, and no one says you need to spend three hours each morning primping yourself before stepping out the door.

Take a little more stock into your appearance this year, and see how it can change your internal and external perceptions for the better.

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