Style Inspiration: Knit Ties

As far as ties go, we think it’s time to release you from the confines of the standard business-oriented silk variety. Those ties are critical to every well-dressed man’s wardrobe of course, but there’s also a vast world of tie other options that warrant some attention. Maybe you’re looking to mix up your suit game? Or perhaps you want to elevate your casual wardrobe a bit? Adding a knit tie to your rotation is the perfect way to do it.

First gaining in popularity amongst the Ivy League elite, the key to a knit tie’s style factor is its more casual nature and added texture. These two unique elements make it an incredibly versatile accessory that works just as well dressed up with a suit as it does worn more casually. Additionally, we’ve (hopefully) got some warmer weather on the horizon and it’s informal feel and preppy sensibilities lend itself well to a variety of warm weather clothing options. You can up the ante on your spring and summer suits with a knit tie or, elevate your denim game with a crisp oxford and a knit tie. Whether its a simple navy or a traditional repp stripe with a pop of color, this tie is an excellent first step in evolving your tie game. Go ahead, try a knit tie and get ready for a shower of compliments, you’ll definitely stand apart from the crowd.

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