10 Style Mistakes Women Hate

It rarely takes long for a well-dressed man to catch a woman’s attention, and it’s a fact that women are extremely attracted to guys that put some effort and time into their appearances. With that in mind, we polled a few of our favorite women, sifted through the opinions, and put together a list of fashion fails that you want to make sure you’re not making.

1. Extremely Tight Clothing
We get it, after a ton of hard work at the gym you’re probably proud of those cut abs or ripped guns, but there are a time and a place for tight clothing. So if you’re not training for a cycling race, you may want to reconsider how tight is too tight. Extremely tight clothing came in first place during our survey of style mistakes women hate so next time you’re considering that shmedium tank top, maybe take a pause.

2. Poor Color Choices
Combining colors can be a bit tricky, and it usually goes downhill when you decide to take a fashion risk and add a pop to your outfit. Which is why bad color combinations landed on the number two spot. So, stepping out of the house in a neon orange shirt paired with some dark brown pants may not send out that style-pro message that you were hoping to send. Don’t worry though, even Jordan had bad games every now and again and it takes some time and practice to nail color combinations. Our advice is to start simply with versatile, basic colors (tan, navy, white, olive, grey, charcoal) and then gradually adding in something different bit by bit. Don’t try four new colors all at once.

3. Wrinkled Clothing
Yes, real men iron, according to all the women we spoke to. While it may seem like a pain-in-the-ass chore, it’s an essential lifestyle skill that all men should take some pride in. A man who steps out his house looking sharp and wrinkle-free lets the world (and the female population) that he not only has the thought and care to invest a little bit of time into getting dressed but also that he cares about the look he is putting out there. The women respected the effort that goes into looking your best.

4. Ill-Fitting Suits
If you’re going to spend good money on a great suit, take some time to get fitted in the right size (chances are you’re buying one size too large) and make sure you pay your local tailor a visit and get that suit dialed in once you’re fitted properly.

“When I see a guy and ill-fitting suit, I think "He might as well be wearing gym shorts and a tee-shirt because nothing about his loose-fitting suit says style to me at all." – Ade, Celebrity Stylist

5. Baggy T-Shirts and Jeans
Now depending on what sort of street or runway trends you’re looking at, you may see a wide range of variables here, but the truth is, baggy tee shirts and jeans just aren’t attractive according to what we heard. The women we polled viewed that as a guy being sloppy and just not caring about his looks. Sure, we’re not saying you need to wear a tux to get the car washed or grab a beer with your brother but keep in mind that even the most simple things in your wardrobe need some attention in terms of fit and style.

6. The Extra-Deep V-Neck Shirt
We all can appreciate a v-neck shirt from time to time, they’re versatile and classic. But the line has to be drawn at some point and that line is the extra deep v-neck. So if that v-neck is dipping deep into chest territory and your tuft of man rug is making a guest appearance, it’s time to re-evaluate your style radar (and maybe life in general). Danielle, a nurse, said it best, “I've never understood why a guy would basically want his entire chest out. To me it seems tacky and immature, Jersey Shore ended a while ago.”

7. Baggy Dress Shirts
Well-fitting dress shirts are a staple in your wardrobe, whether for work or weekend. But as you may have noticed, we said “well-fitting”, and the women agreed. When you’re rocking an oversized dress-shirt it automatically diminishes the meaning of the word “dress”, not to mention it makes you look sloppy and hides all that work you’re putting in at the gym or on the trails. So if you’ve got blousey looking sleeves and a pool of fabric hanging over your belt, all the women agreed that it’s time to put your dress shirts on a diet.

“This is one of the biggest style mistakes I hate to see on guys, dress shirts, by nature, are made to be fitted and give you a dressed-up look. I wish men would stop trying to turn a dress shirt into a T-shirt.” - Sharmaine, Associate Men’s Buyer at Saks Fifth Avenue

8. Dressing Like A Teenager
Sure, we all want to look relevant and up-to-date. But there’s always a line between trying to look current and coming off like you’re stuck in the past. It might be a hard fact to face, but you’re a grown-ass man now and it’s time to invest a little time and thought into dressing like an adult (note: we didn't say old man though). Real talk, women are looking for a man, so let’s work on dressing like one.

“Men can dress their age and still look cool and fresh, so they should embrace it. When I see a man dressing younger than his age or like a kid I think, “Why would anyone choose to look so silly? Not attractive at all.” - Tanisha, Film Producer

9. Oversized Blazers
Clothing fit seems to be a reoccurring issue the women are definitely paying attention to. So, it makes sense that you should probably be paying attention to it too. Just because you’re dressing down and wearing a blazer that doesn’t mean you can be casual with how that blazer fits. Our women loved it when guys dressed up and wore a blazer, but they all wanted it to fit properly. This indispensable item deserves all the attention you would give your best suit. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, find a great tailor and make him your friend.

10. Trying Too Hard With Overly Trendy Clothes
Maybe you’re on all the trends, digging deep on the ‘Gram, and scouring tumblr for the most up-to-date-fits and vibes. Congrats, obviously we can appreciate that effort. That being said, it makes sense to consider what you’re dressing for (time, place, occasion, etc.) and recognize that you probably shouldn’t rock every runway trend from joggers to animal prints at every conceivable time. The women we spoke to agreed that style is one thing, but looking like you’re trying way too hard can come off as insecure.

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