5 style tips you can steal from Prince

Prince was a musical genius, everyone knows that. But he was also a style icon that broke boundaries and blew minds with his outrageous style and fearless confidence; he truly knew how to make a sartorial statement. Look, we know what you’re probably thinking, and no, we’re not going to suggest high heels, purple suede jumpsuits, or crop tops (even though somehow he always made it work). But just because you don’t want to mimic Prince’s wild fashion choices, doesn’t mean that you, the well-dressed average man can’t learn a thing or two about style from him.

1. Purple Reigns
The first thing you should appropriate from Prince’s style is his appreciation of the color purple. Not only was purple mentioned in his megahit song-album-movie Purple Rain, but it was sort of the defining color of the man and his music. There’s a reason one of his most oft-used nicknames was The Purple One. Purple is an especially versatile color and is an easy way to bring some fire to yoru favorite suit or even your standard casual gear. It’s a color that will add some boldness without going over-the-top and it can work as either an accent or the foundational tone used to elevate standards like navy or charcoal. Still not convinced? How about this recent survey that proves “wearing purple makes men more attractive to women” will help change your mind? As with any new color choice, start small, a tie, a pockesquare, or a solid dress shirt in a lighter hue, then expand from there.

2. The Paisley Spark
Prince’s home and studio in Minneapolis was called Paisley Park, named after one of the songs off of his follow-up to Purple Rain, the psychedlic album Around the World in a Day, and it’s a pattern that’s been associated with Prince’s crazy style for most of his career. Paisley has long been a classic pattern after it was appropriated from Eastern cultures, and it’s boldness is embraced and appreciated in some of the world’s most stylish sartorial cultures like Italy and the UK. Paisley patterns vary wildly, but they all have a certain refined quality and a boldness that gives off a confident, regal vibe. If you’re looking for that extra style edge or an unexpected pop, a paisley tie or pocket square is a rock-solid move that Prince would be proud of.

3. When Doves Accessorize
Another key to adding some Prince-level style to your wardrobe is learning how to use a little flair. Prince definitely knew the power of that extra 10% or that soemthing a little different can take your everyday look to tne nexed level. If you’re a flair-beginner, don’t start by adding too much. Pick one item that you want to take a little outside the box and start there, a new pattern or color, maybe a fresh print, or an extra accessory. You’ll notice that wherever you end up going, most likely the compliments you’ll get will be on that killer pocketsquare or those unique cufflinks. The courage to stand out (a little) will be well appreciated.

4. Let's Go Monochrome
Always ahead of the style curve, Prince wasn’t afraid to take one color and wear it head to toe, something that we’re big fans of too. It’s a cool way to give your regular looks a modern twist. While Prince could make top to bottom purple or yellow work, we recommend starting a bit more low-key with blue, grey, or charcoal. For more, check out our primer on how to go monochrome.

5. You're A Star
If there’s one fianl and most important thing to learn from Prince, it’s that confidence can take you a long way, especially with how you dress. You can pull anything off if you do it right and just own it. Whether you’re dressing for a day at the office, a night out, or a date, dress with confidence and the chances are you’ll look good doing it.

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