Style Tips From Some Of Our Favorite Women

Hopefully, you've got your work rotation on lock, have a few razor-sharp suits in your arsenal, and have got a strong denim game. Ultimately though, sometimes you've got to trust the opinions of others. And why not get some opinions from those who are going to be some of the most important people you want to look good for? Sure, at the end of the day, you want to dress for yourself and your own confidence, that is critical. But, it۪s also smart to heed the advice of the fairer sex, they definitely know a thing or two. With that in mind, we polled a few of our favorite women, sifted through the opinions and have got a fresh batch of tips from some of our favorite women.

Keep it simple. Sometimes guys try and do too much. But wearing a few simple pieces that fit really well, maybe a pair of dark denim, a clean white t-shirt or Oxford, and a simple pair of sneakers, is always going to look stylish. A good dose of confidence and a smile helps too. - Nicole, UX/UI Designer/ Brownie Baker

Perfect the uniform. Simplifying your wardrobe makes getting dressed every morning quick and simple. If you know that two-button grey suit and classic white or blue shirt works well for you, buy a few. Make the pocket square, tie, or sock different every day to mix it up. - Courtney, NBA Stylist

Keeping your suit game on-point is obviously important, but don۪t neglect your casual style. You should give your casual wardrobe the same care and attention that you do your favorite suit and go-to shirt and tie combo. You۪re better than those baggy chinos and old t-shirt. - Coralyn, PR Director / Professional Korean

Don۪t be afraid to dress up a little, we appreciate the extra effort, and we always notice. Obviously, don۪t wear a tux to the bar, but a blazer or a tie when you۪re dressing casually is a nice surprise and always looks great. - Jen, Model / International DJ

Shoes are really important, I always notice them first. If you've got a really nice suit on, make sure you wear a pair of shoes it deserves. They don۪'t have to be expensive, just shined and stylish; it۪s the little things that count. Also, being Kit Harrington works too. - Christine, PR Manager/Hip Hop Dancer

Two things, Chelsea boots and shoehorns. Every guy should get into Chelsea boots, they're super stylish and look amazing with denim; definitely recommended for Fall. Also, try using a shoehorn to help you tuck in your shirt, it۪s a pretty cool trick that works really well. Having an Australian accent doesn't hurt either. -Brianna, Stylist / Designer

Nice clothes that fit well are important, but confidence is the biggest key. Be the best version of yourself and you۪re automatically stylish. - Sophea, Office Manager

Keep your undone buttons in-check; don۪t show too much chest hair, nobody wants to see that. Also, don۪t neglect your tie knot, it should be neat and not too big, take a few extra minutes and get it right. Those massive tie knots look like you۪re trying way too hard. - Sharan, Marketing Director / Runner

Get your pants properly tailored and make sure they aren۪t too long. Long and baggy looks really messy. - Evelyn, Graphic Designer


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