Stylish Guys To Watch In 2016

By now, you know the OGs in the world of men’s fashion, but there’s also a crop of stylish guys cementing their places in the industry as we speak. The good thing is there’s enough room for everyone. It’s time to get familiar with some of the young bucks who probably aren’t on your radar yet but are crushing the fashion game right now, and who we’ll be seeing a lot more of this year.

Karl_Edwin Guerre
Guerre chose a life behind the camera, but his sartorial sense is worthy of him being in front of it, too. Bucking trends always, this photographer stays true to his taste for a 70s aesthetic, opting for bright separates and pageboy caps, a look he calls “Casual Fly.” His photos are a glimpse into his jet-setting lifestyle—he’s known to carry his passport 24/7—and his fondness for photographing other stylish men.

Jimmy Launay
Even though Launay is a busy international model, his Instagram feed is surprisingly low-key. The same can be said for his wardrobe, which is mainly comprised of tees and denim. At a time when tailored pieces reign, he’s showing that casual style is still cool, and that a nice leather jacket can elevate even the most distressed pair of jeans.

Dualleh Abdulrahman
Abdulrahman has a bold take on fashion, without giving much thought to what’s trending. He’s a master at mixing prints and textures and doesn’t shy away from thrifting to get a good piece. His style is a little classic and a little contemporary, but a hundred percent “Afropean,” the term Abdulrahman chooses to describe the way he uses clothes as an extension of his rich heritage and upbringing.

Luka Sabbat
He’s just a few months into adulthood, but Lukas Sabbat has lived a life people twice his age would envy. This model-on-the-rise grew up in Paris, landed a coveted spot in the Yeezy Season One show, and his Instagram feed is loaded with pics of him and his famous friends. Prepare to love his style the most, as you scroll through artsy photos of his eclectic streetwear, which ranges from tailored suits to high-end denim.

Mohcine Aoki
Please accept this apology for getting you hooked on Aoki’s Instagram feed. The advertisement-like photography could rival any clothing brand’s lookbook, if not straight up surpass it. With a vast collection of graphic tees, kicks, and coats, his street style is unmatched. And to top it all off, the beautiful city of Casablanca, Morocco serves as the backdrop to all his photo shoots.

Moti Ankari
Ankari is probably the most famous out of all the guys on this list, but he’s a testament to the importance of making room for your passion. This Bloomberg associate marketing editor is rising as a style influencer because he has put a lot of effort (and years) into building his lifestyle website, The Metro Man. Fashion wise, he really digs the minimalist look, and proves that black doesn’t have to be boring. Check his Instagram feed for a jacket collection you’ll instantly be jealous of.

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