Steal The Style From The Most Stylish Movies Of All Time

While the ‘Gram and web are where you can always find the latest streetwear fits and tailoring triumphs, you can’t deny that the big screen still has a massive effect on how and what we’re wearing.  Whether it’s a reflection of what’s happening at the moment or just re-imagining some stylish moments from history, there’s always some cool looks and vibes you can easily lift for your own arsenal.  From on-screen icons to sharp-dressed gangsters, here are our favorite picks for the most stylish movies of all time, and a few things you can make your own.

Easily one of the most well-dressed men in movie history, it’s not easy to stand out as James Bond, but leave it to the maestro himself, Tom Ford, for making it a reality.  While you could easily make a case for all of Daniel Craig’s Bond outings being on this list, for our money, Spectre is the epitome of Bond style and a clear argument for the power of tailoring.  Whether he’s chasing down assassins in an impeccably fitting charcoal gray power suit, ordering a drink in a tux, or charging up a snow-covered mountain in some killer sweaters and outerwear, Bond’s style is always impeccable.

Style You Can Steal: Sharp Tailoring
Sure, it helps when that suit you’re shooting guns in is a $5000 custom Tom Ford, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look just as good.  Spectre is the perfect example of how great a dark suit, white or blue shirt, and classic tie can look if everything not only fits properly but is tailored to perfection.  While perfectly executed suiting may not directly help you with your marksmanship, it can’t hurt.

American Psycho
Proof that a little blood spatter can only enhance your classic navy power suit, American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman is the perfect picture of 1980’s Wall Street style.  Whether he’s disposing of a body, killing time in his office with his walkman, or just trying to make reservations at Dorsia, Bateman’s got the classic, 80s prep on lock with a master mix of bold repp ties, classic suiting, and contrast collar dress shirts.  Do you like Phil Collins?

Style You Can Steal: The Power Of Primary Colors
There’s a reason classic primary color combos are still as relevant today as they were 30 years ago; they just look damn good.  Suiting up for a big week?  Just know that any combination of navy suit paired with crisp blue or white shirts and blue, red, and yellow ties is always going to look, ah, killer.

 The Godfather Part 2
From its classic bold mobster suits to the tropical throwback vibes of Havana and Miami, Part 2 doubled down on the style factor.  Never have three-piece suits looked so menacing as they did when Pacino rocked them with Corleone’s ruthless power and style.  It’s mob movies like the Godfather Part 2 that cemented the idea of three-piece suits and pinstripes as go-to sartorial power moves, whether you’re strong-arming someone for money or just suiting up for a big day.

Style You Can Steal: Embrace Your Inner Boss
Sometimes you need to suit up like a boss and kick your day in the ass Corleone-style, and there’s no better way to do it than with a bold suiting choice.  Whether it’s a three-piece, chalk/pinstripe, or a plaid, you’ll feel the strength and confidence that comes from a maximalist suiting statement.

Reservoir Dogs
While basically an afterthought during production, the matching black suits donned by the all the main characters in Tarantino’s bloody, violent crime saga have become almost as iconic as the movie itself (not to mention an easy Halloween costume).  This gritty vision of criminal life proved that sometimes all it takes to look cool-as-hell are the right suit, a pair of classic shades, and a little bit of a bad attitude.

Style You Can Steal: Go Dark and Monochromatic
Call it an alternative to the maximal striped and plaid suiting styles we suggested earlier, there’s something super clean and cool about a plain dark suit, white shirt, and minimal tie.  Sure, going monochromatic is going to take a lot of the guesswork out of your morning routine, but when done right it’s also going to give your look a modern vibe.  Finishing with a pair of timeless Wayfarers or Aviators (in black, of course) is the ideal cherry on top.  For a few more tips on how easy the monochromatic look can be, check this out.

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