Unhemmed Q & A: Suede Shoe Care

Question: I just bought my first pair of suede shoes, do I need to do anything specific to take care of them?

Indeed you do. Just like you would properly care for a pair of standard leather shoes, suede needs some extra TLC. But, being that suede has a specific texture, called a nap, it requires a specific type of care.

If you plan on wearing your new suede shoes (clever pun, zing!) a lot, it might be worth it to treat them with a suede-specific protective spray. This will keep the delicate material looking great and resist stains and water damage. These types of protective agents are definitely great for suede desert boots and especially important if you’re in a city where there’s significant weather. A simple spray solution will go a long way to keep your new kicks looking great.

For immediate care, using specialized tools like a suede bar and a suede brush can help keep the nap of your shoes fresh and new. For very small scuffs or scrapes, just take your other shoe and rub the suede together, it will get rid of the offending mark. Seriously, it’s really that simple.

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