6 Easy Ways To Turn Your Suit Into A Stylish Halloween Costume

It’s costume crunch time and there are only a few precious days left for you to throw together a Halloween costume and you’re fresh out of ideas. Yikes. Fear not though gents, we won’t let you suffer through the indignity of another crappy drugstore costume or the embarrassment of just giving up and not dressing up at all. Your favorite suit that you look so great in? Why not put it to good use this Halloween? These basic ideas will help you transform your favorite suit into an easily executable costume that will leave you looking dapper AND festive. How’s that creep in the clown costume looking now?

Reservoir Dogs 
Using the iconic and stylish Tarantino flick as costume inspiration couldn’t be easier. Throw on a slim black suit, a white shirt (blood-soaked or not), and a skinny black tie. Black Wayfarers are optional, but hell, who doesn’t look cool in black Wayfarers? Bonus, this also looks great with a group of friends. And cue the song…

Patrick Bateman from American Psycho 
Take your power suit to murderous new heights. Wear a preppy navy or pinstriped suit with a striped power tie and add a prop knife covered with fake (hopefully?) blood. Feel free to add a little blood spatter to the face and a pair of rubber gloves for extra effect. The business cards are up to you, but we recommend Courier New on a parchment-colored stock.

James Bond
Since every single man looks outstanding in a well-fitting tux, why not take every opportunity to wear one? Add a fake gun and you’re good to go. Take a day or so and work on your British accent, order a martini, and practice being cool and aloof. Trust us, it will work.

Johnny Cash
Ever wanted an excuse to wear all-black-everything and not feel like a weirdo? This is it. Channel the South's favorite badass Man In Black and wear your razor-sharp black suit, a black shirt, and tie. Black cowboy boots and a bolo tie are optional but will only add to your badassery. Finish with a slicked-back pompadour, a sneer, and a guitar. Strumming softly as you serenade a fine-looking gal in a sexy nurse costume couldn't be easier, all you need is a little bit of attitude.

Simply wear a Superman “S”-style t-shirt (try amazon.com) underneath your suit and tie and add a pair of fake glasses and you’ll be ready to save some damsels in distress just like the Man of Steel. Don’t forget to use your x-ray vision with some discretion.

Don Draper 
TV’s favorite ad man and dapper legend is very easy to execute. Wear a grey suit, white shirt, and a classic, vintage-inspired striped tie. Don’t forget the tie bar too. Slick back your hair, pour yourself a whiskey and light a cigarette, have you ever felt this suave? Tip: Try searching your local thrift or vintage store for a 60’s-style tie.

Now that you’re looking awesome and feeling confident why don’t you go over and buy Sexy Influencer another vodka soda?

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