Step Up Your Summer Shoe Game

Vacations, weddings, beach days and sunny rays…it’s summer and it’s time to consider your footwear accordingly. With, no doubt, a myriad of events on your calendar, all with varying levels of formality you’ve got to consider where you’re wearing them as much as what you’re wearing. With versatility at the forefront, we selected our favorite reliable styles that won’t steer you astray.

Suede Bucks - These aesthetically clean and crisp shoes are perfect for weddings and slightly formal events. We love the traditional versions in tan or white with a classic brick-red sole, but modern versions with rubberized soles offer both style and comfort as well. Pair 'em with a cotton suit for a wedding or garden party and don't be afraid to get them dirty, they'll look even better. These shoes are ready to party.

Boat Shoes - Sticking to the facts, the boat shoe is as essential a summer shoe as there is. They’ll pair just as easily with your favorite pair of shorts as they will with denim or chinos; they’re truly a do-it-all summer shoe. Plus, your proximity to a boat when wearing them certainly enhances your chance for stylish success.

White Canvas Sneakers - One of the summer’s founding shoe fathers, these are a must-have. Whether you’re beating them up, getting them wet, or dressing them up, they deserve a spot in your rotation.

Penny Loafers - Best worn sockless, a penny loafer in leather or suede is definitely an MVP in the versatility category. Just as stylish and appropriate with a cotton suit as they are with chinos and denim, a sharp penny loafer offers you just the right amount of dressiness without feeling too stuffy. A classic leather version will be slightly more formal than its suede counterpart but we love the texture and look that suede offers. Colorwise, everything from dark tobacco brown to a sandy tan is easy money. If you’re looking to make a sartorial statement however, we highly recommend a rich shade of navy suede. You can thank us later when that cutie you’ve been eyeing at that wedding compliments your shoes and gives you the perfect conversation opener.

Slip-On Sneakers - Slip-on and leave on, these have been a summer faithful for generations. From boardwalks to airports, these canvas or leather sneakers are worth investing in....multiple pairs.

Espadrilles - Inspired by the stylish beaches of Spain and yacht parties cool enough for Leonardo Di Caprio, these shoes have an airy and casual feel that's an ideal fit for your vacation mindset. A great substitute for a pair of sandals, they’re easy to slip on (and off) for a day at the beach or pool and they pair well with shorts and an ice-cold cold beer.

With temperatures rising, and layers reducing, don’t get caught in cruise control with a three-year-old pair of running shoes or that pair of rubber slides leftover from the freshman dorms. Let’s commit to elevating your summer shoe game together!

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