How To Transition Your Summer Suit Into Fall

As the summer begins to fade into the fall you’re probably going to find yourself standing in front of your closet wondering what’s good to go for another month or two and what’s ready for cold weather retirement. The bad news is, those shorts probably aren’t going to get you too much more mileage (except in Florida maybe) but the good news is, transitioning your cotton suits into the fall for additional wear only takes a few easy-to-execute adjustments, especially if you live in more temperate parts of the country. So don’t bag up that chino suit quite yet, you’ve got plenty of time to wear it once you add the following fall updates.

Go Dark...Color-wise That Is
Let’s start with looking at that color wheel. Any darker colored chino suit takes to the Fall like draft beer to a red cup. Navy, olive, chocolate brown, charcoal, you’re all set. While wearing light brown/ khaki suits can be seen as a summer-only color, if done correctly, you can sport this suit during the fall too. The key in transitioning these suits colors is to pair them with darker shades of shirts and ties. While the light colored shirts and pastels are great for that summer wedding, in the fall you want to keep the shirts and ties to darker hues like blues, greens, navy, and earth tones like brown and olive. Try a chambray, oxford, or navy shirt and a dark tie to bring in a darker tone and you now can sport that tan, khaki, or light colored suit during the fall. It really does make the suit look a lot different. If you need to wear a white shirt, make sure to go with a very dark tie to counterbalance the lightness of the shirt.

The Right Shoes and Socks
Finishing your feet in the right way can play a huge role in making that summer suit work this fall. For the summer you’ve probably been wearing loafers or drivers, no socks, and maybe a suede buck or two. Now, transitioning into the fall with the same suit can be accomplished by simply changing up the type of shoes and socks you wear. Go with a more traditional sock (that matches your suit of course) in darker colors and patterns. Completing your suit with more fall-appropriate shoes in darker colors is also going to help you strike the right fall move. Dark leather captoes or wingtips are great for formal or business settings and will add that professional polish. Adding some texture with a suede shoe or boot is also an excellent choice. Try a sharp suede wing tip or Chelsea boot in a dark chocolate brown or black and you’ll add depth and style.

Fall-erize Your Accessories
As the final touch, the right accessories can bring home that fall transition in just the right way. Swap out the relaxed, no-tie look for something more buttoned up and cool weather-ready. As we mentioned earlier, darker colors and earth tones are the key to a fall look, and the same applies to your ties. Thicker ties, darker colors, and more patterns will lend just the right finishing touch. Earth tones like green, olive, brown, and burgundy will all complement your suit and shirt choices in fine fashion. Just like the texture is important in a suede shoe, adding some texture to your tie is another great way to bring in that fall vibe. Knit ties or thicker silks that are woven with some texture will add another layer of depth to offset the lightness of your chino suit. The same texture and color rules apply to your pocket square too, so bring it all together with a complementing choice. Finally, if you’re going the accessories route, dark-colored leather options are always a good call.


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