The Summer Weekend Getaway Packing Plan

The sun’s shining, you’re staring down the barrel of the weekend and you’re itching to get a cold beer in your hand and maybe some sand between your toes or some pool time in.  Yup, it’s time to pack up a bag, hit the road and get the F outta town for a weekend getaway.  Like we laid out in our business trip packing plan, no matter where you’re headed, packing the proper bag is going to keep your style on point and your vibe stress-free.  Follow this easy plan and you’re gonna be locked in for a perfect (and stylish) 48 hours.

What To Pack

The Right Bag - Keep it low-pro with something basic and soft-sided like a canvas duffel, backpack, or weekender bag.

1 Pair of Chinos or Dark Denim - Keep things simple with chinos or denim that can be dressed up a bit if need be, but also something that works with a t-shirt.

1 Pair of Shorts - Day or night, the right shorts can take you from the pool or beach right to dinner and a few cocktails.  No embroidered animals though, you’re better than that.

1 Button Up Shirt - We’re keeping it low-key and casual so your favorite basic button up like a blue or white oxford or plaid gets the job done.

1 Polo - Whether it’s golf or dinner, a versatile polo can play multiple roles.

3 T-Shirts - T-shirts are going to be the workhorse of a chill weekend, so make sure they’re looking sharp and the fit is on point.  Check out a few tips here.  Just remember, if you’re gonna go tank top, just make sure you do so responsibly, guns can be dangerous weapons.

1 Pair of Swim Trunks - Hopefully you’ve followed a few of the pointers in our swimsuit guide, and your trunks are on deck and looking cool.  CANNONBALL!

1 Lightweight Sweater or Sweatshirt - Depending on where you’re headed nights can cool down, so be prepared to keep the chill off at the beach bonfire or bbq when the sun dips.

1 Do-It-All Pair Of Shoes - Whether they’re a leather or canvas sneaker, a pair of drivers, your go-to Vans, or a boat shoe, keep it simple and bring something that works with both shorts and pants.  Wear ‘em in the car or on the plane and stash a pair of flip-flops in your bag.

The Right Sunglasses - Don't leave home without 'em.  For a few shopping tips, check out our handy guide.

The Extras - Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat, sunburn and skin cancer suck, so be prepared.  From there, you should be good to go, just make sure you leave a bit of room in your bag for the beer koozies, they’re not optional and you’re probably not going to read that book.

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