Suit Tips: 4 Easy Ways To Summer-ize Your Suit Rotation

So, yeah, you’ve probably heard us harping on why it’s important to dress with the seasons and how easy it is to do.  With summer now at our doorstep, hot weather incoming, and event invitations stacking up,  it’s time to consider a few easy ways you can stylishly summer-ize your suiting rotation.  Drop in a few easy tweaks like these and you’ll be staying (and looking) cool with minimal effort.

Consider Cotton
Because cotton is light and cool, rotating in a suit or two of this variation is a great way to beat the heat and maintain your style, whether it’s for a weekend wedding or event, or during your workweek grind.  A sharp khaki option is a great move for the weekend or events and darker colors like navy and charcoal are work-ready and can be dressed up for even the most formal environments.  You can also get a little adventurous with cotton by switching out traditional colors for something that shows your personality; olive green, chocolate brown, or light gray, try mixing it up. For the workweek, keep your shirt and tie combo dark and formal to offset the more casual suit. A great suede shoe or loafer is the perfect complement to any cotton suit, regardless of color. Keep the boat shoes for shorts though, they’re not suit-appropriate.

Lighten Up Your Tie and Pocket Square
Speaking of cotton, applying this summer-friendly fabric to your ties and pocket squares is an easy and stylish move as well.  If you’re working in a more formal environment where a cotton suit isn't gonna fly, no problem.  Sticking with your work-ready wool suits but bringing in tie and pocket square options in cotton, linen, or lightweight blends are going to take your rotation right into summer territory without sacrificing formality.  Consider lightening up your color palette too; light blue, pink, yellow, and other pastels will bring just a bit of levity to your business vibe.

The Weather-Appropriate Watch Strap
Since we’re on the accessory tip, your watch game can take on a summer bent too.  Swapping out your traditional metal or leather strap for a beach and sweat-friendly nylon NATO strap is a super easy update.  Solid colors are obviously easy to work with, but we recommend opting for a prep-influenced stripe combo or a pop of color.  It's going to add a nice dose of personality to your overall style without going too far over the top.

Ditch Your Socks
Not just for high-style dandies anymore, going sockless is a hell of a  great way to give your look a bit of casual appeal and enjoy the benefits of the warm weather.  Be warned though, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.  Check out our foolproof sockless guide right here and make sure you take all the necessary steps to do it correctly, your co-workers will thank you.

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