How To Find The Right Sunglasses Frame For Your Face Shape

In case you hadn’t already noticed, the sun is definitely back, and your eyes certainly need some protection from it. Setting aside the fact that you’re definitely better than that $4.99 pair of gas station shades, what sunglasses you’re wearing is just another opportunity to inject a bit of style in your overall arsenal, especially if you’re wearing a suit. But, just like your particular body type works better with specific cuts and fits of suiting, your overall face shape matches up better with certain sunglass frame shapes. So as we’re approaching primetime sunglass season, it’s time to get you dialed in with the right type of frame for your face so you’ll be looking more like Gosling on vacation and less like Guy Fieri at the Flavortown pool.

Face Shape: Oval
Best Frame Choice: A thick, square frame
Best Styles: Wayfarer shapes, tall square shapes
If your face is longer than it is wide you want something with a large, blocky shape to balance everything out and add some width. Classic square shapes like Wayfarer are always a great choice but don’t be afraid to go with a large, chunky black frame, your mug can take it.

Face Shape: Rectangular
Best Frame Choice: Thicker, rounded frames
Best Styles: Thick-framed aviators, chunky round frames
Like the oval face shape, a rectangular shape works best with a larger, thicker frame but needs the softness of a rounded shape to add balance. Never-fail essentials like old-school pilot aviators, Persol’s keyhole-style frames, or a thick, circular frame will enhance what you’ve got going on.

Face Shape: Round
Best Frame Shape: Smaller, thinner square shapes
Best Styles: Vintage-inspired styles or square-shaped aviators
Your rounded face needs something that’s thinner in the frames but has the edges to balance out your features, so stick to slightly smaller styles with square shapes. There are plenty of killer options to work with, but a lightweight, square aviator like the Rayban Caravan is going to go just as well with your business suit as it does with your swimsuit.

Face Shape: Square
Best Frame Shape: Rounded
Best Styles: Lighter rounded aviator shapes, vintage-inspired styles like Moscot
Since you’re a square-jawed lumberjack, you’re gonna need something with a rounded shape to soften the edges.  Round or oval styles will add style but keep the frame size on the thinner side, otherwise, you risk overwhelming your already solid face.  Clear or opaque frames like clear/gray acetate or lighter shades of tortoise are also excellent color choices that work well with a square-shaped face.

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