Dive In: Swimwear Do's and Don'ts

Now that the sun’s finally out (ok, maybe sort of) you probably have some level of swimsuit prep on your mind. Finding some stylish swim trunks should be easy right? Well, maybe. But there’s definitely some things to keep in mind, especially if you want something that’s going to look good enough to transition into an afternoon of beers on the deck or even a casual dinner. Here's how to look your best, in and out of the water.


Do: Be careful with a drawstring waist
Think about where you’re headed and what you’ll be doing in your new trunks. Unless you’re looking for something for a beach or surf-related exercise routine, we’re going to highly recommend being very careful with your drawstring waist trunks. Drawstring waist trunks are definitely in the middle of a renaissance and they're definitely much more stylish than they used to be. That said, you want to avoid looking like a 47-year old accountant at the Cape so let's keep the length on the shorter side and make sure the fit is trim. We definitely recommend going with a retro-style pattern with this style of trunk, baggy, plain colored drawstring waist trunks just look sad, and you're better than that.

Don’t: Let it all hang out
We’re assuming this goes without saying but just in case, take a good look in the mirror. You’re probably a solid guy with some great style going for you. What you're probably not though is a Euro playboy, drinking Rose, tanning on the French Riviera, so let’s go ahead and keep the banana hammock or swim briefs at home (or in the garbage). It might be tempting to think it’ll be “hilarious” (see how we put quotes around “hilarious”?) or maybe “adventurous” to rock something, uh, European, but trust us, don’t. In this case, when in Rome, don’t do as the Romans do. (Editor's Note: Rose is delicious, sorry not sorry.)

Do: Embrace some color or pattern
Your pair of trunks or board shorts is a great way to showcase a dope print, cool color combination, or if you want to kick it old school, some 80’-style fluorescents. It’s all about honing in on your personal style of course, but don't be afraid to take a risk. This summer we’re all about the bold prints and rich colors and your trunks are definitely a chance to try something new. While a minimal black trunk is always going to look great, try non’t be that 47th guy wearing plain navy or red trunks, you’re better than that.

Don’t: Perpetuate the mesh
Virtually every guy in the country is familiar with the irritating, wildly uncomfortable mesh lining that comes standard inside cheap swimsuits. If you can, avoid this devil’s spawn at any and all costs. Unless you’re buying specifically for beach-inclined athletic endeavors like volleyball or running, where you’ll need some support, leave the lining out.

Do: Pay attention to fit
Whether you’re fit, “skinny fat”, or sporting a mean dadbod, you need to take your body type and waist size into consideration when buying the right swimwear. That means finding the right fit and length. Ultimately though, just like everything else in your wardrobe these days, the baggy, saggy look is out; you want to keep things as trim and well-fitting as that slim fit suit in your closet. Obviously your level of activity will have some bearing on both the length of the shorts and the level of roominess but just because you’re staying active doesn’t mean you need something ultra baggy. Oh and by the way, never, under any circumstances, should you wear boxers or briefs under your trunks. Trust us, just don’t do it, you don’t want to be that guy.

Don’t: Spend more on a swimsuit...than an actual suit
Although you don’t need a perfectly tailored swimsuit, you also shouldn’t opt for just any old pair of trunks off the clearance rack at Macy’s. There’s a fine line between investing in a cool pair and spending an outrageous amount on something from a fancy designer. So what we’re saying is, spend, but smartly. A decent pair of swim trunks should run you anywhere between $45 and $90, and last you at least a handful of summers.

We never want you to get too caught up in how you look when hanging out at the beach, a cantina, or a rooftop pool party, it’s definitely not the time to overthink it. That being said, we’re definitely encouraging a smart (and hopefully stylish) plan of attack when you’re looking at this summer’s upcoming swimsuit purchases.

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