The 4 Best Fits From NBA All-Star Weekend

It's no secret that the NBA is the most stylish league in sports and All-Star Weekend is basically it's Fashion Week.  From courtside flexes at the dunk contest to pre-game arrival looks, 2019 was no different.  Here are our 5 favorite fits from the jam-packed weekend.

Russell Westbrook
Love his style or hate it, dude knows how to take risks, and for that, you gotta respect him.  His Saturday night look was full 90's sportswear revival but man, he pulled it off.

Kevin Love
Quietly one of the consistently best-dressed men in the NBA (shoutout to our friend and his incredible stylist Courtney Mays) and his pre-game casual vibe is everything you should be doing with your weekend style (well-fitting chinos, denim jacket, white sneakers).

James Harden
Speaking of guys that take risks, Harden's pre-game look was a masterclass in how to nail current trends and dress down a suit (turtleneck sweater, bold pattern, Chelsea boots).

LaMarcus Aldridge
Pulling off all or mostly black and not looking like you're a goth or mortician can be tough, but Aldridge pulled it off incredibly well.  The key was balancing out the black with a little bit of gray pattern and great tailoring.  The linchpin of the whole look? Those slick black sneakers. 

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