The Anti-Resolution Resolutions

It’s that time of year again, you know it and I know it, we’ve all been there. Half-hearted resolutions are made with hope for the new year, only to see these overly specific, and perhaps unfairly unattainable goals dashed in a matter of months. Thankfully, we’re here to propose an alternative. How about this year we make a resolution NOT to make resolutions? That’s not to say it’s not important to evaluate the previous year and commit to improvement in 2015, it most certainly is. But this year, let’s commit to changes, not resolutions. Let’s set long term goals, not short term hurdles. Let’s look forward with enthusiasm, not fall prey to short-sighted immediacy. Don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you hanging without some Unhemmed wisdom and ideas either, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some things to focus on as you look forward into the New Year; some suggestions for anti-resolution resolutions…

Skip the “I’m going to spend less this year” and go with a more productive and achievable goal like “start saving”. Commit to it by setting some simple action steps. A great place to start is by setting up a savings account with direct transfers every month from your paycheck. A regular flow of $50 or $100 into your savings account every month will start to add up, and since it’s automatic, you’ll never notice. If you’ve already started saving, consider setting up a simple retirement account like a Roth IRA or look into employer provided options. It may seem far off, and I probably sound like your Dad nagging you here, but, make 2015 the year to do it. There are always simple tech solutions too. Apps like Acorns invest small amounts from everyday purchases into your very own diversified retirement account. Budgeting tools abound as well, and Mint is an excellent one.

Health and Wellness
The dreaded “I’m resolving to lose weight/get fit/eat healthy this year!”. We’ve all said it, and we probably keep saying it each year, and yet, we still struggle with it. With this one, let’s focus on specifics, not grand goals. How about start by committing to learning to cook if you don’t know how? Do this and make delicious and healthy meals at home a reality. It’s all about habits, not changes here. The magic of the internet has put an endless amount of healthy recipes and nutrition advice at our fingertips, start taking advantage of it. We’re all busy, but cooking simple things on the weekends and having options ready to go doesn’t have to be hard, it just takes some planning ahead. Health and wellness is also an area in which technology is revolutionizing access, commit to making your Iphone and the internet work for you. Fitness apps (The 7 Minute Workout), online food delivery services (Plated), and wellness websites (My Fitness Pal) among others, have made eating well and getting healthy easier than ever to achieve. Harness technology and use it to your advantage to help kick start great habits in 2015.

“I’m going to buy a new wardrobe.” or “I’m going to improve my style.” Worthy goals indeed, good sir. When you look good, you’ll feel good, as they say, and it’s definitely true. But many find this a huge challenge; where to start, how much to spend, where to shop. It can be a bit daunting. We believe that, again, starting simple is the way to go. We’d like to put forth the idea that it should be about dressing smarter first, rather than just throwing a pile of money at the mall. Start by educating yourself and considering what sort of style you might like to have. Do some research, look at pictures, and consider a budget. Learn how things should fit and what that looks like on your body. The internet has a wealth of info at your disposal and sites like Reddit and others can help educate you in the ways of style. Start with basic, classic items that are versatile and essential, not hashtag-driven micro trends. Focus on getting value and choosing items that are at the intersection of both price and quality. A well-fitting suit, a great pair of chinos, some dark denim, oxfords, a sharp blazer, and a nice pair of dress shoes; focus on things that can mix and match. Of course, you could also take the advice of Unhemmed’s stylist.

Here’s to a successful 2014 and an even more exceptional 2015, may you commit to long term goals and successful changes, not the typical resolutions. Happy New Year!

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