The Best (and Worst) Style From NFL Draft Weekend 2019

The 2019 NFL season kicked off with this past weekend’s draft in Nashville and future busts and potential Hall of Famers alike stunted on stage with some incredibly stylish (and some highly questionable) moves.   Here’s our style all-star team.


The MVP: DK Metcalf
After absolutely demolishing the combine new Seattle Seahawks receiver (and physical freak) DK Metcalf added another dominating performance to his list of accomplishments, best-dressed at the NFL combine.  Whether or not he’ll live up to his physical hype remains to be seen, the style and cut of this killer DB suit put the rest of the rookie class on notice.

Most Polarizing: Kyler Murray
While status as the number 1 pick is no longer in doubt, his aggressive, Great Gatsby-inspired pink pinstripe move had some lovers and haters.  Style points for giving zero fucks though.

Blue Chip: Devin White
The best linebacker in this class proved he’s as much of a savage with his style as he is on the field.  This sharp, boldly-hued slate blue three-piece suit looked every bit top 5 draft pick he was and the pink tie capped the whole thing off.

Wolf Of Wall Street: Ed Oliver
Looking as good as any finance titan, Oliver’s navy pinstripe power suit was perfectly tailored and all business. The subtle maroon tie lent just the right finish without being too much.


What The F?: Devin Bush
Yeah, we don’t know either.  Sure, harnesses are kind of a thing now, but topping off a baggy, black and white, New Jack Swing-inspired vibe with a white leather one?  It wasn’t Zeke Elliot crop top insanity, but, nope.  Apparently, this was also his own label? Still no. He’s gonna be a good player though.

Snooze Button: Daniel Jones TJ Hockenson
There’s understated and then there’s boring, these were worse than boring.  Sure, not everyone can or wants to pull off a pink three-piece suit, but come on guys, you’re better than this. Hockenson literally looked like he rented garbage back from the local tux rental shop.  Seriously, dude, you’re the best tight end in the draft, dress like it.


Permission To Board Captain: Christian Wilkins
Uh what? Is that nautical gold trim?

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