How To Layer Like A Pro

Let’s face it, The Hulkster was the greatest of all time. No, that’s a fact, it isn’t up for debate or discussion. Now that we’ve established that, let’s awkwardly segue into a post about men’s clothes. (Trust me, it will make sense later).

Outside of making you look like an extraordinarily dapper gent, layering just makes sense from a body temperature regulation standpoint. In layman's terms, it means you’ll be as prepared as a Boy Scout when the office jackass (gender-neutral) cranks up the heat or sets the temp down to Antarctica levels, or when the wind kicks up and the temperatures dip into Game Of Thrones Winterfell conditions. As temperatures continue to drop, you can add your outerwear on top of the existing layers as you see fit.

Pro Tips To Layer Like A Champ:
1. The key player in your layering tag team should be a well-fitting sweater (crew for casual, v-neck or cardigan for dressy looks). All these styles are eminently versatile and can be worn equally well with denim and an oxford as they can with a dress shirt and underneath your favorite suit jacket or blazer. Then, you can layer up what you wear over it depending on the temperatures.

2. Unless you’re after a Marshmallow Man vibe, keep it thin. We recommend starting with a merino wool or cotton-cashmere blend with a weight and thickness on the thinner side.

3. Keep the color combinations simple. You’ll have a lot going on up top so adding a jarring color to the mix will only add to the difficulty. Looking for some color tips? Find more info in our post on wearing Fall color.

4. For more advanced moves, throw in a subtle pattern to mix it up. A classic stripe, textured weave, or for the bold, a fair isle or nordic pattern.

5. When you start adding outerwear (overcoat, peacoat, field jacket), keep the level of formality consistent. For example, f you’re laying under and over a suit, keep it to a more dressy overcoat. Consequently, if you’re layering up with denim or chinos, feel free to wear more casual outerwear like a pea coat, denim jacket, or parka.

6 Can't-Miss Combinations:

1. Tweed Blazer, burgundy v-neck sweater, white button up, dark denim
2. Overcoat, Grey merino cardigan, gingham button up, dark denim
3. Suit, merino or cashmere cardigan, shirt, tie
4. Peacoat, navy v-neck sweater, striped button up, chinos
5. Navy Blazer, grey cardigan, light blue oxford button up, khaki chinos
6. Puffer vest, crewneck sweater, t-shirt, chinos

So as the temperature dips, train, say your prayers, take your vitamins and layer up this fall and winter, brother. Follow these simple rules and you’ll be on your way to becoming the greatest of all time.

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