What The Flip Flop?

We’re deep in the dog days, and save for a few small parts of the country, it’s anywhere from hot-as-balls to ridiculously sweltering. You’re no doubt seeking every possible alternative to combat the heat and you’re definitely taking some liberties with the amount of clothing you’re wearing, including what’s on your feet. Believe us, we’re right there with you. Properly fitting and styled polos, t-shirts, and shorts are in regular rotation and you’re probably getting some wear out of your flip flops. Although there’s most certainly a time and place for everything, now is the time to make a clear distinction between the right and wrong (yes, there are several) occasions to wear flip flops, all while still preserving a cool casualness that’s essential for getting through this brutal summer heat.


Sandal or Flip Flop?
For the purposes of this advice, we’re going to make a distinction between flip flops and sandals. Contrary to what you may believe, there’s a striking difference between sandals and your trusty pair of rubber flip flops or athletic slides. Sandals, for the most part, are constructed to give your feet more support than the average thong or slide flip flop varieties and beyond the structural differences, both sandals and flip flops can be made from more fashionable materials, like leather, to up the overall style quotient. A casual leather sandal (no, not a mandal) has a few more style applications than your standard rubber or surf-inspired flip flop (vacation style for example), but generally-speaking you should adhere to the same rules that you do with your flip flops.

What’s the Scenario?
For one reason or another, wearing flip flops in wide variety of the wrong situations and occasions has become all to prevalent. Look we’re not saying wear patent leather lace ups with your boardshorts to the pool or some double monks to your Saturday day-drinking session with the boys, but knowing exactly when to wear flops (or more importantly, when not to) will help to keep you from looking too laidback when a little formality is needed. With that, here’s a by-no-means-exhaustive list of when's and where’s for proper flip flop wear.

Don’t Even Think About It:
-Job Interview (isn't this obvious?)
-Any non-pool, non-bbq, or very casual social gathering
-An event that has an expressed dress code
-An evening date, whether it’s the first or 31st
-Work or work-related event
-Non-beach wedding, regardless of how casual
-Dinner party
-Any situation where you think there might be even the slightest chance of getting laid (trust us)

Sure, Go For It:
-Vacation situations
-Pool or beach-related activities
-Casual daytime bbq or party
-Pre or post gym
-Solo running around town or errands
-General non-public kickback situations

Know that there are plenty of other places and situations where flip flops are generally discouraged, so above all, use your best judgement.

Closed-Toe Casual
Although we may never be able to dissuade you from wearing your favorite pair of Rainbow or Reef flip-flops ever again, do know that there are other viable options that allow you to kick it casually without relying solely on two rubber slabs attached to your feet. Think light and comfortable like a canvas sneaker, driving loafer or boat shoe, and when combined with a no-show sock and some foot or baby powder, they’re all going to be very good options for staying casual and cool through summer.

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