Don't Hang Loose: The Importance of Good Hangers

The importance of investing in good hangers cannot be overstated. They are the bedrock of preserving your wardrobe and integral to getting the most life out of all your clothes. It’s no overstatement to say “NO WIRE HANGERS EVER!”, they bend, offer no support, dig into and stretch out all of your garments. Ditch them, and be quick about it. Since you are a well-dressed, grown-ass man, it’s time invest in some solid wood hangers of proper provenance. The needn’t be expensive, you can buy in bulk at Ikea or have yourself a nice little Saturday and visit Bed, Bath, and Beyond (if you have time). Just keep in mind that the primary thing to look for in a great hanger is a thick wooden frame and the proper width to reach the shoulder seams of your garments.

But what exceptionally nice suit you just bought? Glad you asked. We say, give it the proper care and respect it deserves with suit-specific hangers. A proper suit hanger features a wider tip near the end of the hanger to properly support the shoulder pad in your suit coat and prevent undue stress. Additionally, the natural contour of the hanger’s shape will add lots of life to your suit, particularly if you wear it infrequently. Looking for a handy visual guide? Check out our video on Properly Storing and Hanging A Suit.

A final tip, for softer garments like sweaters, it’s best to fold them and store on shelves or in drawers rather than hang them up. This will save them from damage to their delicate body and shoulders, especially if they are cashmere.

If you are truly serious about your hanger game, (and we all should be) visit The Hanger Project for some of the finest hangers available. You won’t be disappointed.

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