How To Wear It: The New Blue Suit

By now we all know the merits and versatility of a sharp navy blue; that sartorial stalwart is always going to have a place in your wardrobe. But navy isn't the only game in town anymore. It’s time to make room in your closet for a new shade of blue, something lighter and more vibrant, a blue that’s really going to announce your presence as a man with outstanding personal style. From steel blue to cobalt blue, to slate blue and beyond, we’d like to welcome you to the age of the "new" blue suit

If you’re ready to make the jump to the “new blues”, congrats, it’s a solid style move. But there are a few things you’re going to want to keep in mind as you step into this new realm. Fear not though, the "new blues" easy to wear as your trusty navy option.

Think Navy 
The great part about these new shades of blue is you really don’t need to overthink them. When it comes to styling, just think of them as you would your traditional navy suit. For the most part, everything that you’d wear with your navy suit will look terrific with the new blues too. Pretty simple right? Additionally, the extra oomph in the color is going to take your accompanying shirt and tie combo up to a whole new level.

Wear It Everywhere
A suit in these new shades of blue is a phenomenal choice if you’re looking to put together a killer new outfit for an upcoming wedding or evening event, but they’re also office appropriate too. A lot depends on the level of formality in your office of course, but to take your new blue into meeting-ready territory just make sure to keep your shirt and tie combo subtle and muted, the added impact of the non-traditional color will say plenty.

When in Doubt, White Shirt 
If you’re in a shirt conundrum and unsure about what type of shirt to pair, just keep it simple and stick with a crisp white one. It’s an easy match, will pair with almost any tie color, and is always going to look great.

Tied Up 
When looking at tie colors keep in mind that the color of the suit is going to be impactful so you’ll want to keep you tie relatively low key. Stick with primary colors like navy, red and yellow in subtle patterns and you’ll be in great shape. If you want to turn a few heads though, something in pink is certainly going to do the trick.

So now that you’re armed with the knowledge you need to elevate your blue game, go ahead and jump on in, the water’s just fine.

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