Find The Perfect Groomsmen Gifts

They’ve been there with you through thick and thin; high school sports, college dorms, trips to Vegas and Miami, and when you went through tough times, For that, the group of gents that will join you up on the altar on your big day definitely deserve a little recognition and a heartfelt gift. Yes, this situation calls for something more than a high-five and a 12-pack but that doesn’t mean these gifts have to be a boring afterthought. Give your boys the respect they deserve with a gift that’s worthy of them. Ultimately you want these gifts to be personal, thoughtful, and useful. Ones that embody the art of being a man or manly things is also an added benefit.

We selected a few of our favorite options that will definitely let your boys know you appreciate both their friendship and the art of giving an outstanding gift.

A Personalized Beer Growler - Let’s face it, everyone loves beer, especially delicious, locally-brewed micros straight from the source. If you’re not in on the growler game, its time to step it up. Both thoughtful and practical, with a personalized growler friends can visit their favorite local brewery or pub and get a growler full of deliciousness with their name on it.

A MultiTool - You won’t realize how handy these are until you have one. Incredibly useful and practical from around the house to your next camping trip, this true man’s gift is something your boys will thank you for again and again. Our favorites come courtesy of Leatherman and Gerber for both price and quality.

A Custom Dress Shirt - Every man needs to experience the perfect fit that comes from a custom dress shirt. You can use your groomsmen’s wedding suit measurements to craft them the perfect surprise or make an event out of it and set up appointments at a reputable made-to-measure establishment. There are many online options available and traditional retail shops like Nordstrom and Brooks Brothers also offer excellent made-to-measure tailoring services as well. Plus, your groomsmen can then wear this sharp looking gift to the actual wedding. Don’t forget the final detail of monogrammed initials, it’s the perfect personal touch.

Haircut and Straight Razor Shave - Truly a manly experience, getting the group together for a few beers and a day of grooming can be an awesome experience. Nearly every city has a great, man-centric barber shop these days so book an appointment and then sit back and relax. Maybe save the body waxing for a solo appointment though...

Custom Collar Stays - Why not elevate this basic item to a whole new level by customizing it in handsome brass and personalizing with initials, a name or short message. This version from Owen and Fred makes the mundane look magnificent.

Shoe Shine Kit - A simple ritual that every man should take into his own hands every now and again, this is the perfect opportunity to hook your squad up with both a nice gift and a life skill. There are many options available all around the web but we definitely recommend investing in a high-quality kit with a nice box for presentation. On the high end, it doesn’t get better than this kit from Saphir, but this affordable version from Kiwi is also excellent. Every kit should come with both the tools you need as well as a set of polishes to get you started.

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