How To Go Sockless The Right Way

The weather has warmed up and Summer is right around the corner. This means it’s time to get ready for sockless season. Going sockless is a great way to give your look a more casual appeal and enjoy the benefits of the warm weather.  That said, it's not as simple as just, well, not wearing socks.  Proper prep is key, here's how to do it right.

Sockless, But With Socks
If we have one never-fail tip, it’s actually to embrace the sockless season by actually wearing socks. But, by that what we actually mean is the thin, no-show variety. Also called sock liners or loafer socks, these bad boys are just as effective in giving you the look you want but also provide the added comfort and layer of absorption that will keep your feet from becoming a biological hazard. Available everywhere and very inexpensively, a good set of no-show socks or liners is the best way to prepare for your warm weather shoe game.

Put Your Best Foot Forward
Despite what you may think, there should be some preparation that comes into play well before you slip on your first shoe. Proper foot maintenance is key to appropriately rocking the sockless (or no-show) look this season. First, make sure you’re keeping up with basic pedicure tasks. Keep toenails trimmed to avoid having your talons turn socks into confetti. Give those dogs a look too, they might need some extra moisturizer and some foot powder or Gold Bond to keep them dry and fresh, especially during the hottest months. If you truly want to go sockless, we highly recommend a liberal application of powder on your feet and in your shoes every morning. Some proper prep will keep you ready for any occasion whether it's with shoes or without.

Find The Right Footwear
When it comes to going sockless the right way, not all shoes are created equal. Ideal choices include any shoe that’s made from breathable material, like nylon, mesh, canvas, and soft leather. These will allow your dogs to roam a little freer while reducing the intensity of foot odors as the day goes on. Another thing to keep in mind is the type of shoe design, ankle-less shoes, like boaters, loafers, espadrilles (e.g. Tom’s, etc.) and basic canvas sneakers are ideal footwear choices for sockless weather. If you’re looking to get dressy for your work week, a sleek pair of loafers definitely works with even your dressiest suits and cotton options.

Play The Temperature Game
There’s some debate as to whether going sockless or wearing no-shows is the best way to go during the warmer months, but here’s an option that gives you the best of both worlds: sockless in the spring, no-shows in the summer and being mindful of the temperature is the best plan of action. Spring is a bit cooler than summer, so it affords you the opportunity to go sockless, for longer, without fear of your feet clearing out a room before 5 p.m. Once the summer hits, though, adding a protective layer of fabric between your feet and your footwear will be the one thing that combats stinky feet, absorbing moisture and keeping feet drier, longer.

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