The Spring Style Upgrade: 5 Items You Need Now

We're officially into the Spring season, and that means it's time to address your closet again. The change in seasons means a change in the types of clothes you wear, sure, but the new season also means opportunity first and foremost. It's a chance to consider a few style upgrades or new digs you haven’t given a run before. So, to help get you dialed in here's a list of items we're really digging right now, all of which are going help you meet the season's needs and increase your style quotient in a really cool way.

A Lightweight Blazer
Not just any blazer, but right now it’s time for something that's seasonally-appropriate, and the texture and light weight of a cotton or linen blazer is going to help you bring the thunder. It does double-duty in a snap and can be dressed down with dark jeans and Chelseas or boots, or dressed up with slacks or chinos and your favorite double monks.

A Chambray Shirt
The iconic worker shirt, chambray is definitely a style workhorse. What’s cool about a chambray shirt s that you can wear it practically year-round, depending on the thickness of the fabric. Wear one with a smart pair of chinos, or add it to a suit to change up your office style. Change up the shoes to add or subtract some formality and you’ve got a seven-day-a-week shirt.

Olive Chinos
Assuming you've got a good stable of the basics going (navy, khaki, grey), it's time to take that next step and add in a bit more color.  Don't think of olive chinos as "WTF Green Pants", simply think of them as an extension of tan or khaki.  They're an earth tone and in the same general family so they will match with basically everything that khaki would (think: blue, navy, white, grey).  They're appropriate in all settings but are just different enough to add a nice change of pace.

A Printed Dress Shirt
Yeah, you’re probably down with the standard stripes and ginghams, but if you want to add that extra bit of swag, get in on the dress shirt’s next evolution. Small geometric patterns and prints are just as easy to pair up as your standard checks (just keep the patterns minimal and in the same color family) but will add that extra dose of style your suit rotation is probably dying for right now.

Suede Chelsea Boots
If you’re not on the Chelsea-bound train, now’s the time. Versatile but with an edge, Chelsea boots are sleek and very stylish. Plus, they’re easier to wear than you might think, trust us. Slip on a pair in grey or tan and they’ll pretty much compliment anything you wear with them. Substitute your regular boots or casual dress shoe when you wear denim and chinos and you’ll add a whole new (cooler?) vibe to your Spring wardrobe.

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