The Super Bowl Style Awards

Yeah, the game was an absolute snoozer and the bad guys won (AGAIN), but that didn’t take away from a hell of a lot of great style moments from Super Bowl weekend.  From boldly colored suits to questionable tank tops to fur coats, the style scene in ATL more than made up for the actual game.

MVP: Big Boi’s Fur Coat
Leave it to one of the ATL OGs to show everyone how it’s done.  Upstaging Travis Scott’s legendary intro (not to mention his Off White and Jordans fit) with his own incredible arrival, Outkast’s Big Boi repped his city in a floor-length fur coat that almost (almost!) single-handedly made up for Adam Levin’s stupid upholstery-patterned tank top and off-key howling.

NFL (Style) Honors
The Super Bowl eve awards ceremony has become a red carpet event in and of itself, and the players turned out in all manner of stylish finery.  From looks like DeAndre Hopkins’s turtleneck vibe to color pop versions like Stefon Diggs’, modern suiting was in full effect.  But the classics weren’t forgotten either;  ROY phenom Saquon Barkley rocked an insane ivory DB jacket and Russel Wilson gave the navy tux a fresh twist.  Sure, Ciara on his arm helped too.

OBJ’s Windowpane
Speaking of modern suit vibes, in what was maybe the best suit of the weekend, the most dynamic receiver in the game not named DeAndre Hopkins rocked a killer navy suit punctuated by a bold yellow windowpane.

Aaron Rodger’s Mustache
Let’s not lose sight of the fact that his brown glen plaid suit is absolute fire, but man, there are few men who can rock a 70’s Tom Selleck-level ‘stache as well and with so few fucks given as Rodgers.

Tom Brady Won Before The Game Started
Yeah, the GOAT won his sixth ring for the evil empire but, let’s face it, the game may have been over before it started when he arrived in a god-level black and camel Tom Ford drip.

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