The Weekend Drop: 4/10 - Suits, A Drink, and Few Good Reads

We made it through another week. Here are a few cool things to make your weekend a bit more interesting and a drink on us. 

Wear This

Stay Suited
You're gonna need to go back to your suit rotation sooner rather than later, so how are things looking on that end? It's never a bad time to invest in a classic, well-tailored essential. The right suit is going to be that stylish work and event workhorse you can depend on. All suits are 20% off right now too, so suit up.

Read This

Super Pumped: The Battle For Uber
The riveting rise of and bloodbath over Uber. Whether you're in tech or not, this is a must-read for anyone.

Shoe Dog
A memoir from Nike founder Phil Knight, this is one of our favorite reads about sports and entrepreneurship.

Bitcoin Billionaires 
How the Winklevoss twins (yup, them) bounced back from Zuckerberg's takedown and built a Bitcoin empire. An incredible redemption story.

Drinking From Home: How To Make A Negroni
This gin classic couldn't be easier to make. Watch the video here.

Now Playing (Podcast Edition): Slow Burn Season 3: Tupac and Notorious BIG
A phenomenal in-depth look at the investigation of the murders of the two hip hop legends and how the crimes still remain unsolved, even after all these years. Available wherever you get your pods.

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