The Weekend Drop 4/3: Wear, Watch, and Follow This Now

You hanging in there? We hope so.  Here are a few cool things to make your weekend a bit more interesting and some stuff that we're digging right now. Kick back and have a drink, this is the Weekend Drop.

Wear This

Casual M-T-W-Th-F
Stretch cotton chinos and a short sleeve button up are the style moves you need now. They're low key and comfortable enough for that WFH life but still just stylish enough.

Watch This

Dark - Netflix
Time travel, a murder mystery, and a ton of “holy shit” moments. This amazing series will melt your brain.

Dave - Hulu/FX
Internet-famous rapper Lil Dicky brings his game to tv.  The funniest network show in a long time.

Ozark Season 3 - Netflix
Jason Bateman laundering cartel money deep in the Missouri wilderness, oh hell yeah.  The new season definitely slaps.

Zero Zero Zero - Amazon Prime
Speaking of cartels, this new Prime show about a massive drug deal is equally as addictive as Narcos.

Follow These

Chris Burkhard - @chrisburkhard
Nature photos + dope cabins = win.

Alex Delany - @alex_delany
Great cocktail and booze recs from this Bon Appetit editor. 

Gear Patrol - @gearpatrol
Gear (obviously), tips, tech, style, and a hell of a lot more.

The Infatuation - @infatuation
Restaurants may be closed but takeout recs and food porn still rules. Find your city and go.

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