The Top 5 Sneakers of all time

As we’ve mentioned before, the rise of sneakers and sneakerhead culture is at its peak. From humble beginnings to worldwide global fashion, the sneaker has never been more important to our style and to our culture. With every iconic item, there are legends that will never die, and these shoes are not only some of the greatest designs to ever hit the streets, they’re also still going strong long after their creation. While we’re pretty sure our selections are going to incite some kind of passionate argument (violent riot?), you can’t deny how critical these OGs were (and are) to the cult of the sneaker.


1. Air Max 1
Maybe the most coveted silhouette of all time and the first style with the visible air pocket, the iconic Air Max 1 was originally created in 1987 and is perhaps legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield’s greatest design. This runner still kills is in new colorways and updated materials as well in insanely popular retro re-releases.

2. Nike Air Jordan 4
While the Jordan 1 might have been the one that launched a legend (and the cult of sneakerheads) and the Jordan 11 “Space Jams” probably got more press, it’s the midtop 4s that are our favorite. A radical departure from the iconic “elephant print” 3’s, the 4’s included the first usage of the now-famous cement details as well as several unforgettable colorways like the black/cement, fire red 4s and the oft-slept on military blues.

3. Adidas Stan Smith
Originally commissioned in 1973 for the tennis legend, the Stan Smith was clean and icy before it was a thing. This now classic is currently enjoying an unprecedented resurgence thanks to its recent popularity in fashion circles as well as a number of high-profile collaborations. From Raf Simmons to Pharrell to your elderly neighbor Sal, everyone’s feeling the white and green.

4. The Vans Authentic
The shoe that birthed the style and culture of skateboarding way back in 1966 still looks as good today as it did on the feet of the first skaters in SoCal. Proving that sometimes less really is more, it’s simple design, low cost, and bare bones comfort assure that even if future skateboards turn into hoverboards, there will always be a place for a pair of Vans.

5. The Converse All Star
Respect the legit OG. Created in 1923, it has become the most recognizable sneaker of all time. Transcending styles and resisting trends, this humble basketball shoe is universal. Whether in it’s retro high top or lean and mean low top form, the appeal, and ease of a chuck makes it an obvious choice.


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