Classic Menswear Trends Making A Comeback

There are plenty of menswear trends that have died an honorable death and laid to rest (hopefully) never to be heard from again--looking at you, extremely flared jeans. But, a few more favorable trends from yesteryear have been making the rounds lately, and here some favorites that deserve a permanent seat at the fashion table.

Shawl Collars
If you haven’t noticed the groundswell of shawl collar tuxedos on the red carpets,runways, and shoulder of some of the most stylish men on earth then, where the hell have you been? From a bold Tom Ford-inspired swagger to a narrow, British mod vibe, the shawl collar is officially back. First made popular in the early 1900’s, and traditionally worn with evening tuxedos, there was always something far more suave and polished about shawl collars. It’s a cool, throwback vibe that speaks to the glamour of old Hollywood and offsets the sharpness and rigidity of peak or notch lapels. These days you’re seeing them thoughtfully coordinated with a slim fitting pant and classic accoutrements. The shawl collar is truly the best of old and new.

Brown Suiting
Fast diminishing are the days when you were forced to choose between navy and black when figuring out what to wear to formal engagements. Brown suits, virtually a sartorial staple in men’s wardrobes during much of the 1960s and 70s, are back with vengeance in today’s menswear scene. A versatile color, brown suits should be worn in much the same fashion as their navy counterparts: a crisp, white or blue shirt, mahogany color dress shoes, and a just a little bit of swagger. For the office, pair it with a deep blue tie and and complimentary pocket square. After hours, ditch the accoutrements and open that collar button for a more relaxed look. Not to be outdone, the many shades of brown translate perfectly to lightweight materials like cotton, linen, and blends and are your ticket to a stylish spring and summer wedding season, and a surefire way stand out effortlessly in a sea of look-alikes.

Athletic-Inspired Jackets
From 90’s streetwear staple to, well, modern streetwear staple, all variety of nylon jackets have been adding a dose of athletic inspiration to style these days. Created by Starter and other smaller companies, the nylon jacket was essential for anyone who played sports, looked like they played sports, or enjoyed watching other people play sports. Taking vibes from the designs and branded versions of the jackets that were highly coveted in the 1980s and 90s, the bombers, blousons, and lightweight zip ups of today are more fitted and boast sleeker silhouettes but still give you look a fresh dose of style that’s perfect for any season.

Loosen It Up
As we finally reached the skinny-pant inflection point, things have started to loosen up. Perhaps as a reaction to so many skinny jeans and the rise of slouchy, athletic-inspired streetwear, things are loosening up in menswear. At all ends of the style spectrum, everyone started realizing that not all men were built like international models, and new styles and cuts that gave men more room to breathe have returned. This isn’t to say you should immediately forget everything you’ve learned about how your suit should fit, rather it’s more that you can feel comfortable embracing a spectrum of fits, especially in your casualwear.

Trends and fads are specifically designed to come and go, but for a select few, there’s the potential to transcend novelty and actually become a staple of menswear and contemporary style.

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