It's T-Shirt Time: How To Do It Right

In the words of the immortal and legendary Pauly D...IT'S T-SHIRT TIME

Believe it or not, there’s a great deal that can go into today’s t-shirts. Sure, there’s a time and a place for that 5-pack of Hanes (your couch) but given it’s prime t-shirt season, it’s time we explore the ins and outs of mastering the t-shirt game. Yeah, we said it, t-shirt game. We're serious too, the difference between a sloppy, ill-fitting t-shirt and one that's sharp and dialed-in is pretty huge.

Focus on Fit
Like with any other garment, there's a right way and a wrong way. Lately, the trend has been long, drapey, and unmistakably blousy--think Kanye West and the Beibs--but there’s very little that beats a classic fit that sits on your torso in all the right places. Regardless of how much you spent, nailing the right fit will help keep you from looking like a slouch. A few things to remember:

1. Your sleeves should fit snug around your arms and fall right about mid-biceps, no matter how much muscle you’re actually packing.
2. A well-made tee should fit your torso and shoulders just tight enough to eliminate the drapey look while still allowing you to breathe freely. That shmedium look is no bueno.
3. The hem of your shirt should fall just below the beltline for a clean fit that works well with nearly every look.

Add a Splash of Color or Pattern
Sure, you can't go wrong with a crisp white, clean black, or worn-in grey. But, there's a time and a place for some color too. Try a garment-dyed tee, which is made by dyeing the shirt in different colors after full construction (as opposed to dyeing the fabric beforehand), they're a great way to inject some color into an otherwise basic tee. One rule of thumb: try opting for more subdued or faded versions of your favorite colors to make yourself look less like a sportswear pitchman, and more like the relaxed dude you are. You can also punch it up by adding stripes and other designs to the mix but make sure you keep the stripes thinner and understated to avoid looking wider than you actually are. Same goes for patterns, keep 'em small and subtle so you don't assault the eyes.

5 No-Fail Color and Pattern Options:
1. Faded navy
2. Kelly or forest green
3. Navy and white thin stripe (also called a Breton stripe)
4. Faded red or burgundy
5. Grey and white stripe

Mix Up Textures and Fabrics
Time is of the essence, and because of this, there are folks who have gone through the trouble of fast-forwarding time and making super comfy, worn-in tees available on sight. They’re soft, a little stretchy, and breathable enough to get you through even the most unrelenting summer heat. Typically made from cotton blends like poly/cotton or cotton/linen, they can also have built-in texture like a weave or slub and they can be both dressed up and dressed down. If you're going to try the blazer and t-shirt combo (and you should), we highly recommend these slightly elevated versions as a way to polish it up.

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