The Ultimate, No-Holds-Barred Gift Guide

We۪re knee deep in the holiday season, and that means eggnog, family time, your uncle mentioning something about Trump at the dinner table, and, no doubt, gifting. You۪re probably expecting the usual suspects; pj۪s from your mom, a tie from Aunt Carol, a shiny quarter from grandpa. Yup, a snoozefest. But a man can dream, and dream big. It۪s once again time to say, Fuck the budget, give me the most ridiculous, insane, amazing things on the planet!۝ Don۪t worry, we۪ve got you. In fact, this year we۪re doing it 12 days of Christmas style, gifting so good it۪ll make Kanye pretend to faint and say BRUUUHH۝. Yup, it۪s The Ultimate, No-Holds Barred Gift Guide, let۪s go!

Day 1 - Upgrade Your Sound System
Since price is no object, it۪s all handcrafted at Nashville-based Thiel Audio, and their TT 1 towers will take you to another universe - no wonder they send white gloves to handle them. This is the kind of system that;s going to do Michael Bay's next explosion-fest justice.

Day 2 - Next Level Smells
The London based fragrance historian and specialist Roja Dove not only has a new range of fancy-ass, best-of-the-best scents, but you can also schedule time with him and create your very own smell that can be your signature for life. Your life will smell like your life!

Day 3 - Footwear Upgrades
Last year we recommended a sweet custom pair from master cobbler John Lobb. A good investment, but this year we are doing you one better with a pair from master shoemaker George Esquivel. The next-level, LA-based designer once created a custom pair for $40,000, so you're probably going to be in good hands.

Day 4 - Put Starbucks To Shame
La Marzocco doesn۪t just create coffee machines for hipster coffee shops anymore, you can now also buy one for at home and impress last night۪s company with a barista level latte. So if you۪re ready to own the Lamborghini of espresso machines, the La Marzocco GS3 calls.

Day 5 - A Big-Ass TV, Obviously
What would a kick-ass gift guide be without the biggest, fanciest TV you can find. LG has a new wonder tv, the LG Signature OLED 4K HDR Smart 77" . It۪s so big, it۪s so smart, football (or Dancing With The Stars, no judgement) has never looked this good. It۪s worth the price tag.

Day 6 - A Sports Book That WIll Impress
Sadly we lost a legend this year when Muhammad Ali passed. But if you۪re a fan of the sweet science, the limited edition book GOAT: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali will satisfy your love.

Day 7 - Sleep Much, Much Better
With sheets and bedding so good it feels like you۪re sleeping on the tears of angels, (plus they۪ve been doing this since 1860, so they know a thing or two) Frette linen now has a hotel collection worth investing in.

Day 8 - The Watch
There are a ton of lust-worthy watches out there, Panerais, IWCs, Omegas, but sometimes only a Rolex will do. But we۪re not talking about just any Rolex, we۪re talking about the extremely limited, vintage Paul Newman Daytona Rolex. Just like the man, stylish, elegant, and understated, this truly the ultimate Rolex.

Day 9 - An Actual Camera
Yeah your low light grams from the club are probably pretty tight, but it۪s time to invest in an actual camera. And if you۪re after a tried and true camera, why not have the best? The latest Canon, the EOS 5D Mark IV EF 24-105mm, is going to get your right up close to all the action with pro-level performance, whether you۪re shooting a zebra on safari or a bowl of soup you made for dinner.

Day 10 - Warm It Up
High-end bespoke suiting is relatively easy to find these days, but if you۪re looking for something away from the standard Neapolitan suit, Jake Mueser۪s store in the West Village is the place to score some exceptional bespoke outerwear. Perhaps a luxurious cashmere overcoat or camel peacoat is what you need to brave this winter in style?

Day 11 - Drive Off Into The Sunset (Really Fast)
All-electric supercars are now the benchmark for luxury cars, so why not go with the OG? Tesla۪s new Model X is ready to be enjoyed and clocking in at 0-60 in a ridiculous 2.9 seconds, this is one SUV that defies reality. Those gullwing doors are pretty sick too.

Day 12 - Fly Far Away
At this point a simple First Class ticket and fancy hotel room are just going to seem, well, routine. An around the world trip though? Now we۪re talking. A private plane is waiting for you with Aman Resort۪s private jet expeditions where you can explore Asia۪s most incredible destinations, all while experiencing the height of luxury. Now that۪s a trip worth cashing in a few miles for.

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