The Valentine's Day Gift Guide That Doesn't Suck

That pressure filled “tick tock” you hear in the head? It’s the Valentine’s Doomsday Clock. If you haven’t already picked out a gift...WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Yeah, we know. Shopping for this holiday is a huge minefield; the potential for disaster is massive. But, luckily for you we’ve got your back. We scoured the interwebz, polled the ladies at Unhemmed, and google’d until our fingertips were raw and bloody. With that, we’re pleased to present a kick-ass list of Valentine’s Day gifts that are guaranteed to win you major points. Sure, a bouquet of flowers from the supermarket is nice, but whoever told you “it’s the thought that counts” lied to you. Our picks are unique, affordable, and definitely cooler than something from the drugstore. Trust us, that special someone in your life will definitely appreciate the extra effort and we’re happy to help you capture that glory.

Try At Home Perfume Kit From Commodity Goods - Perfume is great, sure, but highly personal and a potential disaster. With Commodity, your significant other can try out a variety of scents at home, pick the ones she likes, and get guaranteed satisfaction. Commodity features a huge range of scents for every type of gal and uses only the highest quality aromatic oils from around the globe. Trust us, this is way better than swinging by the department store on the way home from work and buying something on sale.

Bath Goods From Lush - These luxury bath goods came highly recommended by the ladies at Unhemmed, plus we all know girls love fancy bath stuff. The win for you? Not only are the goods exceptionally high-quality and very affordable, but they feature pre-wrapped gift selections that make the shopping easy and hassle-free. Lush also has retail stores around the country. Oh, and any excuse to get in the bath is probably a win too.

In-Home Massage From Zeel or Soothe - Just like Uber, these simple, easy-to-use apps use geolocation tech to bring the massage right to your doorstep. A few quick swipes and you and/or your significant other will be on the road to relaxation in no time. Plus, for the procrastinators out there (we see you) Zeel even offers same-day booking capabilities.

A Birch Box Subscription - Rather than try and navigate the treacherous waters of purchasing grooming and beauty products for your significant other yourself, a handy Birch Box subscription will do all the hard work for you (and her). This terrific service delivers monthly boxes of a huge range of the best products available, all for one low monthly cost. She’ll get popular favorites, up-and-coming lines, and everything in between.

Red Rose Scent Diffuser from Jo Malone - Of course, roses yell romance, but a scent diffuser from Jo Malone not only is going to last longer, smell better, and look nicer than a bouquet, but a gift from this highly sought after brand will also really blow your girl’s mind, trust us. She’ll never doubt your taste again. Buy online or in any fine department store like Nordstrom, Saks, or Neiman Marcus.

A Box of Chocolates, The Right Way- Chocolate is obviously awesome but she’s gotten a box of See’s candies a million times before. It’s too cliche and you’re better than that. This year, do it the right way with some fancy chocolate treats from Voges, Mast Brothers, or Sugarfina. All have a variety of luxurious, delicious and original treats that will blow everything else out of the water.

We hope we’ve provided you a map to a stress-free and successful Valentine’s Day shopping experience, the path to an enjoyable evening is now at hand. Now all you’ve got to do is be yourself and try not to say anything stupid...

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